November 29, 2023

Life Hacks: Get prepared for a sudden drug test

Public perception of Marijuana changes rapidly. According to this National Affairs article, support for legalization skyrocketed from a mere 12% in the ’90s to a whopping 60% today.

Cannabis use is legal in 18 states already.

Unfortunately, many employers don’t really want to go with the flow or don’t read the latest legislation updates. A positive drug test could get you fired, even if it was just an occasional toke in a legal state.

Because of that, you should make sure that you are always prepared for a drug screening. A plus is that employers will usually notify you in some advance. Even if they don’t – they mostly use cheap drug tests. How they work is no hidden knowledge, and there are some ways in which you can “help” them a little so that you get the right result.

Either with a monkey whiz urine or a detox – don’t let a few dollar tests cost you a job. Let’s take a look at how to prepare for a sudden drug test.

How Long Does THC Stay in the System?

Before you decide to raid the nearest head shop – count the days since you last smoked. Most common urine tests won’t scream “positive” for drugs you did a week ago. However, it does vary, depending on whether you are a heavy user or an occasional one.

Periodic smokers will be free from THC in 3-5 days, while frequent users can get a positive result even after 90 days.

How your body metabolizes THC also depends on factors like lifestyle, body weight (as THC is stored in fat cells), and the amount you smoked.

What Are Different Types of Drug Tests?

  • Urine test is the most known type of drug screening. 90% of employers use it. Results come on the spot or from the lab.
  • The saliva test is less practical than a urine test. It picks up THC metabolites from up to the last 24 hours, though the usual timeframe is 4-10 hours.
  • Blood test can detect THC up to 7 days after smoking. It is a more expensive solution, so it’s not as popular.
  • Hair test has the same efficiency as the urine test – 90 days for heavy drug users and just 5 for those doing one-time.
  • Perspiration test is a new way of drug testing. It works through a sweat patch on your skin. It is mostly used for people who are on parole. For more information, click here.

How To Pass Drug Testing?

Drink Water

Water is the holy grail of all health concerns. Or drug testing ones. So make sure to drink a LOT of it the day before and on the urine test day to get a negative result. It will dilute your urine and make it harder for the test to pick up THC metabolites.

You can also add a twist and take vitamin B supplements. When you drink plenty of water, your urine is nearly transparent. This can raise suspicions, so use vitamin B to make it look more yellow-ish.

Zero Stress

It’s the hard part. An unexpected drug test can freak out even the toughest of the tough. However, you need to try to stay as calm as it’s possible.

Studies found that stress hormones can trigger fat cells to release more THC. For that, instead of walking around in circles, try meditation and breathing techniques. Don’t let your emotions lead you astray.

Avoid Exercise

The number one thing to avoid before a drug test is exercising. Remember how THC is stored in fat cells? According to this ABC article, burning those fat cells can significantly raise the amount of THC in your urine.

The results are not 100% confirmed, but this theory has some back-up in the scientific world. Because of that, drug users should skip the morning workout on the day of their hair sample, blood, or urine testing, to make sure that one-week detox won’t go to waste.


If you have a few days to prepare for a test, try natural detoxification methods. Eating a bunch of fiber-filled foods and diuretic beverages will flush toxins out of your body. Diuretics stimulate urination and thus cleanse your system from THC quicker.

You will find them in caffeinated drinks and cranberry juice. A much stronger option is buying over-the-counter medication. Look for “premenstrual water retention” on the packaging.


In case drug testing comes suddenly and you don’t have enough time to prepare – consider faking it. The best way is to buy synthetic human urine in advance. It has the same pH and creatinine levels as human urine.

When you open a kit, all you have to do is mix it with warm water. Once you do that, it will have the same smell, appearance, and chemical properties as real human urine.

Buying pee may sound disturbing. But buying a few kits can save you another grueling job hunting experience, so it might be time to start googling.

Preparing for a Drug Test

When doomsday comes, remember to not listen to those advising you to mix urine with anything, including water. Adding bleach, soap, or vinegar to the sample will only alert your employer that you’re trying to hide something. Making them aware that something smells fishy is the least wanted outcome.

Most importantly – prepare in advance. Either with synthetic urine or an old-school way – asking a friend to fill the cup for you. Even if a drug test is short-notice, remain calm and drink plenty of water. You might also use a diuretic to speed up the process.

You should also be sure to get a close look at state and company policies. Some employers will want to test you on the spot, which is often against your rights and simply illegal. Reading the fine print is a real pain but it is necessary when your job is at stake.

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