September 26, 2020

New workers get the scoop


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New employees listen to the orientation presentations.

Attending the first official orientation session for the Cayman Islands civil service, a group of newly employed public servants heard from the organisation’s most senior officials what is expected from them as the country’s civil servants.

“Working in the public sector is a very unique opportunity to serve your country,” said HE the Governor Duncan Taylor as he welcomed the new staff members. He also urged them to take full advantage of the orientation session as it serves as an introduction to a great career

The welcome was followed by a message from Deputy Governor Franz Manderson in which he encouraged participants to uphold a strong work ethic, deliver high standards of customer service as well as take care to serve without fear or favour.

“The customer might not always be right, but the customer always deserves to be treated fairly and with respect,” Mr. Manderson said.

HE the Governor Duncan Taylor welcomed staff to the orientation session.

The day-long session covered a long list of need-to-know subject areas. Topics included public service values and code of conduct, government structure, civil servants’ responsibilities under the Gender Equality, Anti-Corruption and Freedom of Information laws and the Cayman Islands Constitution’s Bill of Rights, Freedom and Responsibilities.

New employees were also briefed on performance and career advancements in particular through the Civil Service College.

“Although there are many ministries, agencies and departments, in the end we are one government and it is important that civil servants understand their role and function as part of the whole,” said Chief Officer of the Portfolio of the Civil Service Gloria McField-Nixon.

The staff orientation initiative, spearheaded by the Deputy Governor’s Office and developed and administered by the Portfolio of the Civil Service, was designed to give new staff an idea of the organisation they have joined, what will be expected from them and how they can be successful as a civil servant.

Chief Officer of the Portfolio of the Civil Service Gloria McField-Nixon brief new employees on the values of the civil service.

“I thank everyone involved in the development of this orientation session, especially Mr. Peter Gough, Mrs. Katrina Wilson, Ms. Katrina Ebanks and Mr. Dave Bailey who led the effort”, she concluded.

The Deputy Governor said “The objective of the new orientation sessions were to build the confidence of the new employee in the organization, to make the new employee become a productive one by reducing his/her anxiety that impedes ability to learn to do the job and also to create the feeling of belongings and loyalty with in the new employee

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