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Month: June 2012


Penny Palfrey ends attempt to complete unaided swim from Cuba to Fla.

Endurance swimmer Penny Palfrey, who is 49, ended her attempt early Sunday (1) to become the first woman to swim unaided from Cuba to the Florida Keys, unable to close the gap on the last 26 miles of the 103 miles…

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Euro 2012:Italy beat Germany to set up Spain final

A brilliant performance from Mario Balotelli has driven Italy into the Euro 2012 final, after a 2-1 win over Germany at the National Stadium on Thursday. The Manchester City forward has hit the headlines for all the right reasons, opening…

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David Beckham has not been selected for the Great Britain Olympic football squad.

The 37-year-old former England skipper said in May he thought he had a “good chance” of playing at London 2012. He said: “Naturally I am very disappointed, but there will be no bigger supporter of the team than me. “I…

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Welcome found guilty

Suspended RCIPS officer, Rabe Welcome, was found guilty last Thursday (28) by jury of wounding after he broke the arm of Adolphus Myrie as he executed an arrest while off duty in 2009.Mr. Myrie also received cuts to his face….

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Biden rips Romney on outsourcing, Swiss bank account and Cayman Islands investments

Resuming the mantle of attack dog, Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday laced into Mitt Romney for allegedly outsourcing jobs while at Bain Capital and reviving the charge that Romney is out of touch because he once held a Swiss…

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Australia: Asylum seekers’ boat capsizes; 4 die

Australian officials said Wednesday that 130 survivors, most of them reported to be women and children, had been rescued after a ship full of apparent asylum seekers trying to reach Australia capsized in the Indian Ocean. The Australian Customs and Border…

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US Supreme Court upholds healthcare

The US Supreme Court has said President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare reform act is constitutional. The court upheld a core requirement known as the “individual mandate” that Americans buy insurance or pay a fine. Of the nine justices on the…

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Christina goes to the moon

By Christina Jackson (age 8), Red Bay Primary School, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands It all started when I was heading straight to class as soon as the bell rang. I walked in class and I spotted a visitor in our…

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Legislating Common Sense: Canada’s Lesson on Managing Growth

By Donovon Kellyman Just this week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, and Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney announced plans that make it harder for Canadians to own a home. The average Canadian might not like the government’s plans, but…

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CTEX Datacenter construction in full gear

CTEX’s ‘CU-1’ the first of 4 high-end Tier-IV designed datacenters is coming out of the ground at record speed. Local and international companies are in a race to build the most advanced datacenter in the Caribbean and Latin America in…