September 19, 2020

Christina goes to the moon


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By Christina Jackson (age 8),

Red Bay Primary School, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

It all started when I was heading straight to class as soon as the bell rang.

I walked in class and I spotted a visitor in our classroom, so I simply placed my bag in my cubby hole that had my name on it.

I took a seat at my desk and the visitor spoke to the teacher.

He said, “May I please make an announcement?”

Everyone listened to the visitor.

He said, “Raise their hand if anyone finished their math booklets.”

I was the 2nd person to finish their math booklets so I said:

“I finished mine.”

“Alright then. Welcome aboard my spaceship 3,000. We will be travelling to the moon like astronauts.”

After that, I got back safely without the spaceship exploding.

Everyone was asking me, “Where did you go?”

I said, “The best place, ever. The moon. I can tell you what kind of fun stuff we did. We played moon golf, tug-o-war, tag and hide an’ go seek.

I had a lot of fun in space and I saw a meteor heading right toward us. Luckily it didn’t hit us! And we also saw earth way, way, way down below where we were flying; and a satellite was communicating to earth.

Well, it goes to show you that if you do your work you get the privilege of doing fun stuff like travelling in space.


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