September 29, 2020

The sky’s the limit at Camana Bay


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In addition to arriving on foot and by bike, car and boat, you can now reach Camana Bay via air thanks to the Town Centre’s brand new heliport, located on The Festival Green (former Jazz Fest site), just east of The Crescent.

A Commitment to Safety

The heliport is designed for medium sized helicopters and is certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) as meeting the Overseas Territory Aviation Requirements for Day Visual Flight Rule conditions. These standards are based on internationally accepted criteria endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organization, the UN’s authority on aviation requirements.

Camana Bay’s commitment to its certification obligations has resulted in two unobstructed approach/departure directions; the development of CAACI approved plans to maintain and operate the site safely; and the creation of a staff training programme to support these plans.

Director-General of Civil Aviation, Mr. Richard Smith, commented, “We are pleased to work with Camana Bay on the certification of this heliport and the resultant high standards and level of safety that has been incorporated”. He continued, “The interest, growth and diversification in this segment of the civil aviation industry throughout the jurisdiction are very encouraging”.

Taking Tourism to New Heights

A welcome addition to Cayman’s tourism product, the new heliport will be used primarily as a base from which to operate helicopter sightseeing tours, which have become increasingly popular at top destinations around the world. John Bartell, Camana Bay Heliport Project Manager, is eager to put the new heliport to good use.

“Now that we have come through the certification process and successfully executed a test landing, we feel confident in opening our heliport to the public. Cayman

Islands Helicopters has been very enthusiastic about incorporating our helipad into their tours and introducing their clients to Camana Bay. Their experience and level of service is impressive and we look forward to working with them.

Jerome Begot, Owner of Cayman Islands Helicopters, is equally excited about the partnership and has many ideas for Camana Bay-based tours. “I see a lot of potential, especially if we are able to work with other businesses at Camana Bay to create packages that are mutually beneficial. We have already put together an exciting tour with Cayman Luxury Charters that allows guests to explore the

North Sound from the sky and sea with a private helicopter ride and yacht cruise.

Other concepts under development include a romantic sunset flight and dinner package that will give guests the opportunity to choose from the great restaurants at Camana Bay.

Jerome says, “The idea is to compile a menu of options that allows guests to build their own adventure with Cayman Islands Helicopters and Camana Bay.”

With an unwavering dedication to safety and a promising partnership with Cayman Islands Helicopters, Camana Bay’s latest venture is ready for take-off.

The Camana Bay Heliport is also open for public use and licensed pilots of small- to medium-sized helicopters can schedule a landing by contacting Camana Bay Security at 640.4357 [email protected] For more information on the Camana Bay Heliport, please visit

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