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FCO Simmonds at Caribbean Council event

photo_45329_20130521 (2)RLB Caribbean sponsors Caribbean Council House of Lords event

On 20th May 2013 RLB Chairman, Martyn Bould MBE and Managing Director, Mark Williamson hosted a number of Caribbean clients at Caribbean Council’s Networking event at the House of Lord, London.

The event gave RLB’s clients the opportunity to meet some 300 invited guests on the prestigious House of Lords Terrace, hosted by The Rt Hon, the Lord Foulkes, President of the Caribbean Council.

The guests included MPs, Peers, High Commissioners, Ambassadors, UK Civil Service, NGOs, the Caribbean community in the UK and business people invested in our working with the Caribbean region.

The guest speakers at the event included Mark Simmonds MP, Minister with responsibility for the Caribbean and the Overseas Territories, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office who provided an excellent insight to the Government’s approach to UK-Caribbean relations including those with the Caribbean Overseas Territories.

Dr Orlando Smith, OBE, Premier of the British Virgin Islands was the guest speaker from the Caribbean and spoke on the goals of his country in these somewhat difficult times.

RLB staff: Sophie Matthews and Carlos Salazar were on hand to ably present information on RLB Caribbean’s scope of services and experience to the assembled guests.

An enjoyable dinner was hosted for RLB’s Caribbean clients after the event.


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