May 30, 2023

The Editor Speaks Mental health

Today (Wed 10 Oct) is World Mental Health Day. Did you give it a thought in your busy schedule? Did you read Cayman Islands Minister of Health, Dwayne Seymour’s Message we published today? I hope you did. This year’s theme is “Young people and mental health in a changing world”. Yes. Mental health doesn’t start […]

The Editor Speaks: Immediate termination of chief civil servant

Going against the trend of placing senior civil servants on leave with full pay whilst investigations are proceeding, normally for many, many months, CINICO has fired their CEO with immediate effect. This was a shock to me and I believe to most people. Lonny Tibbetts has been a public servant for a long time and […]

The Editor Speaks: Plastic bags. Should we practice TCI’s example?

We have published a story today titled “Goodbye to single use plastic bags Ban to take effect from January 2019”. It tells us that the Turks and Caicos Islands Government are cracking down on the single use of plastic bags which will be soon removed from all the country’s supermarkets and shops. From the TCI […]

The Editor Speaks: Disunity is gathering steam

The unity, or rather goodwill, that seemed to exist for a time between members of the Legislative Assembly is over and it is disunity that is gathering steam. For the last few weeks the Opposition, aided and abetted by “the lonesome dove” Kenneth Bryan MLA, have waged war on the Government’s Cruise Ship Piers Proposal […]

The Editor Speaks: When three months becomes six months

The FBI can conduct an investigation in just over three days (see Kavannaugh). It takes six months and longer to investigate a civil servant here in the Cayman Islands. How many civil servants have been placed on leave, required or unexplained leave, whilst investigations into their work performance and related matters are investigated and the […]

The Editor Speaks: Overtime and more overtime

It has been well overtime for an explanation on the circumstances that led the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) to exhaust its personnel 2017 budget more than three months before the end of the financial year. Finally, an Internal Audit Service review requested by Ministry of Health Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn, has revealed many problems […]

The Editor Speaks: Blinkered

Horses wear blinkers to keep the horse focused on the path ahead of him/her and limit his/her peripheral vision to avoid distractions. This would also seem to apply to our politicians when it comes to the Cruise Ship Piers and what side of the fence you are on. Everyone wants to know the names of […]

The Editor Speaks: Is it so difficult to avoid bias?

Yes it is. That would seem to be the case now when you read journalistic pieces in not just articles from overseas but even here in our own media outlets. I am appalled at the bias shamelessly exposed in what is presented as factual hard news. In today’s iNews Cayman we have published a number […]

The Editor Speaks: What did we learn from Public Meeting?

Last night (26) at The Family Life Centre, packed with a divisive audience that want the cruise ship berthing piers at any cost and the more noisy group that don’t want it even though it won’t cost the country anything when it comes to money. In between there were some in the audience with an […]

The Editor Speaks: Forcing the government

Members of the Opposition will be taking the cruise pier debate to the people of the Cayman Islands in a series of Island-wide public meetings beginning Monday (October 1, 2018) when they will be unveiling their strategy for the continued well-being of the cruise industry sector. – see iNews Cayman story published today “Cayman Islands […]