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Racism is a difficult subject to tackle and our premier, Hon. McKeeva Bush, has made mention of it in recent speeches and even in a knuckle rapping he gave our Editor-in Chief. Of all the places I have visited racism…

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Dave Martins I was living in Toronto, playing music full time with the Tradewinds band, when the annual Caribbean festival in Toronto known as Caribana was born in 1967. Today there are carnivals in a many cities outside the region,…

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Piano Music Boxes

Music boxes have always come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small enough to fit in your hand, while others are designed to hold jewellery, and still others are large enough to stand alone like a piece of furniture….

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All The World’s An Island: Size really does matter

It started out at four inches, now it’s down to three and a half. It’s the latest proportion reduction of my favorite candy bar. You say you went to your doctor for your annual physical and he said you needed…

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Dave Martins   A Guyanese friend of mine, Alex Neptune, recently sent me a photo of the Caribbean fruits and vegetables he grows in his backyard in New York; he remarked on the number of fruits we have in the…

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The Martial Arts Experience

Martial arts embrace all of the various extensive systems of training for combat, including self-defense, competition, physical health and fitness, as well as mental and spiritual development. Whilst I like watching martial arts, in particular karate, which is really catching…

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How to avoid becoming a crime victim

I was speaking to an old friend of mine – a retired law enforcement officer who worked in a precinct in one of the USA’s busiest cities. He visited Grand Cayman recently and he reads iNews every day. He is…

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Spyware Detection

I have written on this subject before and after a number of calls I received on this subject I decided to go into this serious problem in greater detail. Anti spyware software provides the best spyware detection capabilities. Even though…