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The Editor Speaks: When three months becomes six months

The FBI can conduct an investigation in just over three days (see Kavannaugh). It takes six months and longer to investigate a civil servant here in the Cayman Islands.

How many civil servants have been placed on leave, required or unexplained leave, whilst investigations into their work performance and related matters are investigated and the time runs on and on like a snail trying to cross the Sahara desert? Some take years!

I leave you to do the maths but all of us in the media have been complaining about the numbers and the length of time for years.

The latest ‘victim’ is Cayman Islands Port Authority Director Clement Reid.

His initial three months suspension after the Auditor General found hiring rules were not complied with, thefts were not reported to the police, office upgrades that Class5 Hotel Executives demand, and more.

Reid was suspended after the Board said they were “displeased”. He had “done nothing wrong” but the police were brought in to investigate.

Have you ever heard such twaddle?

The police investigation is still ongoing.

Good God! After three months and now another three months!!

We know nothing about what and whom the police are investigating. It has to be huge to take so long….

Well the one into the past Head of Immigration, Linda Evans, went on for years (from 2014) and we heard nothing except she left without a stain on her character last year! She retired “with a good record”.

With the past history of civil servants being placed on leave with full pay, I am sure Reid is not quaking in his boots at what the RCIPS’ findings, if any, will produce.

Whatever it is, we will not be informed.

Perhaps my headline should have read when months become years?


  1. Much the same as the football association investigation. Why does it take three years and still no report. Just how difficult can that be? Any accounting firm could have figured it all out by now. It is not BCCI. It is plain ‘hands in the cookie jar’.


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