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The Editor Speaks: Immediate termination of chief civil servant

Going against the trend of placing senior civil servants on leave with full pay whilst investigations are proceeding, normally for many, many months, CINICO has fired their CEO with immediate effect.

This was a shock to me and I believe to most people.

Lonny Tibbetts has been a public servant for a long time and Chief Executive Officer at CINICO for nearly eight years.

The Press Release we received and published immediately yesterday (8) gave no reasons for the sudden dismissal and said only:

“Unfortunately, as a result of information which recently came to the attention of the Board of Directors and which has been investigated, a decision was taken to terminate the employment of the CEO of CINICO, with immediate effect.”

Nobody is saying anything else.

Tibbetts is not a stranger to internal problems as he was once suspended from his post as Department of Employment Relations director over allegations of a paralysis between management and staff and other complaints in 2010.

Tibbetts has advised the media that he will be making a statement about his termination via his lawyer.

CINICO is itself no stranger to problems. Largely because the present health insurance system allows private insurance companies to ‘cherry pick’ their clients, CINICO has to carry the burden of insuring the rest – the high risk group that includes the elderly. It also provides free health insurance for life for all government employees. It, therefore, loses large sums of money that has to be picked up by the public purse.

We also mustn’t forget the scandal involving CINICO via the CarePay hospital contract investigation involving Canover Watson. Watson was Chairman of the Health Services Authority that instigated CarePay through fraudulent means with himself the beneficiary. He is presently serving time at her Majesty’s pleasure!

The CarePay system is still being used by the HSA.

Watch this space for more information regarding the sudden termination of Lonny Tibbetts.

Of course, there is much speculation but I don’t think it will take too long to obtain a credible reason.

iNews Cayman does not publish marl road gossip. We publish the ‘truth’, even though the word has lost a lot of its proper meaning.


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