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The Editor Speaks: Forcing the government

Members of the Opposition will be taking the cruise pier debate to the people of the Cayman Islands in a series of Island-wide public meetings beginning Monday (October 1, 2018) when they will be unveiling their strategy for the continued well-being of the cruise industry sector. – see iNews Cayman story published today “Cayman Islands Opposition takes cruise pier debate to the people”.

“Putting the project to the test of a national referendum will have the effect of forcing Government to disclose more of the well documented evidence, for and against, entering into this project,” Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Ezzard Miller said, adding: “In the interim, at these upcoming meetings we will be sharing what our own research has revealed so that the people, who will ultimately bear the burden of the outcome, will be properly prepared to come to their own informed conclusions.”

Of course, none of their own research will be weighted heavily one way or the other…..

Of course, all this research they have done will be properly evaluated and substantiated by qualified and impartial ‘experts’. People attending these meetings will be given all this information up front…..

If that is the case why on earth don’t the Opposition give it to us now?

Why wait?

They have already played their hand by disputing the “necessity of Government’s proposed pier as a prime feature of cruise industry continued growth”.

Miller has stated, “Unlike the Government, who have been seeking to influence public opinion on the basis of fear-mongering, we believe that in a controversial project of this nature and magnitude the people should have their say, both in our upcoming meetings and in the people-initiated referendum. As the Opposition, we are unreservedly committed to facilitating that understanding by openly and unreservedly sharing the facts as we know them.”

Of course, Miller had nothing whatsoever to do with the “people-initiated referendum”. And they themselves have done no “fear mongering” themselves? What absolute poppycock. They should listen to themselves on the radio talk shows. They are the ones who have promoted that from day one.

I still cannot get my head around the need for the referendum. It is thinly disguised as only a factfinding referendum.

“We want the facts and nothing but the facts.”

Who supplies these facts?

How can Miller hold his hand over his heart and say that the referendum is not a vote against the cruise ship terminal? Every time someone comes up to me asking me to sign the referendum they say the opposite.

“We don’t want this cruise ship terminal,” they announce, as if I agree with them, and amazingly they all say the same rhetoric to get you to sign.

I have said before, government has themselves to blame for allowing the opposition to fuel certain members of the public, who themselves have their own axe to grind against the cruise ship berthing facility. Despite Moses Kirkconnell’s claims the government has not been open and above board about the project. It has been largely executed behind closed door under great secrecy. The times that was done are over. We all know after the event the people involved were much richer than when they started the negotiations. Not that I am saying there was anything underhand. Good gracious no.

However, whilst negotiations are done in secret for a very long time, especially a major project worth millions like this, and one that does affect all of us living here, the public are conditioned to something smelling bad. Especially when persons who were involved with the project are not invited anymore.

We will find out tonight exactly what Kirkconnell has to say at the public meeting at The Family Life centre on Walkers Road at 6;30pm.

There is no excuse for anyone not hearing and watching what is being said as it is being broadcast live by Cayman27.

I am positive this is what has prompted the oppositions meetings.

They are right on one thing, however. They have forced the government to have this Public Meeting and I applaud them for that.

Now they have got it, we will see whether they have shot themselves in the foot. I hope so. Otherwise government have hung themselves.


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