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Bolt may be fast but Sailfish is faster

163578_592265960798237_1983822935_nFrom Cayman Islands Department of Environment


The people of Grand Cayman had the opportunity to see the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, compete in the Cayman Invitational 2013 last May.

Did you also know that the Sailfish (from the genus Istiophoridae) is the fastest fish in the world?

Whilst Usain set the 100m sprint record at 9.58 seconds, the Sailfish is reported to be able to swim this distance in as little as 4.8 seconds! These beautiful fish have a max recorded speed of 70 MPH/112 KM.

Its sail-like first dorsal fin is normally kept folded down by its side when swimming, but it may be raised when the fish feels frightened or excited, or when a group of sailfish use them to herd a school of fish or squid. They also have a upper jaw prolonged into a very long beak that they can use to stun and skewer their prey. Their usual coloration is a combination of black and shades of blues and purples, but they can be seen changing to a light blue with yellowish stripes when excited.

Keep your eyes open for them around the Cayman Islands, as they can be seen from time to time. One was recently spotted while diving near Hepps Wall in Grand Cayman!

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