March 19, 2023

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Chief Strategy Officer Businesses have to deal with an ever-changing landscape of challenges even with ambitious growth goals. In order to cope with shifting dynamics, senior executives are expected to be agile enough to lead organisations with traditional systems into the future or to scale cutting-edge ideas into profitability. It is no wonder that with […]

Prepare yourself for a long-distance move

Each movement requires careful preparation, close communication, and efficient execution. Moving across the nation or to a new state, however, is a very different animal. If you want the process to be simple and stress-free, you must be aware of how to be ready for a long-distance relocation! Packing should be done with organization Set […]

Scientists create mice with two biological dads

By Lynn Allison From Newsmax A breakthrough experiment engineering male chromosomes to create mice from two fathers could pave the way for same-sex human partners to have biological children. Katsuhiko Hayashi from Osaka University in Japan told the Human Genome Editing conference on Wednesday that he achieved the breakthrough after changing the chromosomes in male cells from […]

Taking a diuretic may not prevent kidney stones  

From Newsmax A new study is raising questions about the effectiveness of medications long used to prevent painful kidney stones, but experts say there’s no reason for patients to toss their prescriptions out at this point. Anyone who has ever passed a kidney stone would prefer to avoid a repeat experience. And for many years, […]

Plant-based diet linked to slower brain aging

From Newsmax From Newsmax Elderly adults who eat plenty of leafy green vegetables, fish and other healthy fare may take years off their “brain age,” a new study suggests. Researchers found that seniors with either of two healthy eating patterns — the Mediterranean and MIND diets — showed fewer brain “plaques,” abnormal protein clumps that are a […]

Migrant child workers scandal uncovered in U.S.

From Miriam Karmali, Freedom United March 12, 2023 News Digest OUR CAMPAIGN ISSUES IN THE NEWS Child traffickingMigrant children forced into hazardous work in the U.S.Packers Sanitation Services, a leading cleaning company in the meatpacking industry, has come under scrutiny following a comprehensive investigation which uncovered migrant child workers in its slaughterhouses across several states. Unaccompanied […]

WHO Chief: Finding COVID’s origins a moral imperative

From Newsmax From Newsmax Discovering the origins of COVID-19 is a moral imperative and all hypotheses must be explored, the head of the World Health Organization said, in the clearest indication yet that the U.N. body remains committed to finding how the virus arose. A U.S. agency was reported by the Wall Street Journal to […]

12 Mar Weather in Cayman

Sun 12 Mar 2023 Weather in Cayman SYNOPSIS Moderate to light winds along with moderate to slight seas are expected across the Cayman area, over the next 24 hours, associated with a weak pressure gradient over the northwest Caribbean. Satellite images show a few low-level clouds over the northwest Caribbean. Day: Abundant sunshine. Winds SSE […]