February 8, 2023

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Red light is the best method of fighting insomnia

Sleep is one of the most important components of human life. During a dream, a person’s activities are processed and the body actively recovers. Disruption of this process is common at any age. Experts are finding safe and successful treatments for insomnia, including red light therapy. A special device or just an ordinary lamp of […]

Exciting New Octave Releases

From Jessica Carson, Director of Octave Record We are already over halfway through January, and a whole lot just happened at Octave Records that I want to share with you!  I am excited that we just released my new album, Pinnacle by Clandestine Amigo. Of all the music I’ve ever written and recorded, I am most proud of […]

Dementia: Cayman has no plan, 2019 prevalence data not available, % increase figures not available

Empty promises and blunt tools: Lack of funding stalls dementia progress in Cayman Islands Caribbean nations call for urgent action on dementia following skyrocketing dementia forecasts and stalling progress in the region  George Town – 23 January 2023: Despite recent statistics showing that dementia prevalence is set to increase in the Caribbean by 155 per cent by […]

CEPF Caribbean Islands Regional Implementation Team

Welcome back to Capacité+! In this second issue of Capacité+, you will find an update on the exciting work started in Jamaica by the Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation (C-CAM) and learn more about their efforts to strengthen the management the Portland Bight Protected Area (PBPA) and address major threats to endangered and critically endangered species. This issue also introduces […]

How to organize a construction site near a lake or river?

Organizing a construction site near a lake or river can present unique challenges and potential hazards. The proximity of such sites to bodies of water adds an extra layer of complexity to the planning process, as it is critical to ensure that runoff from the construction doesn’t negatively impact the environment. Therefore, it is important […]

Food Guide: Foods that your kids will always enjoy

As parents, feeding our children the right foods can be a daunting task. With the abundance of different types of food available, it can often be hard to know which foods are both healthy and enjoyable for your kids. In this article, we will explore some of the best kid-friendly foods that you can add […]

Volunteerism and Charitable Service

Cayman Islands Celebrates Volunteerism and Charitable Service Grand Cayman, 23 January 2023 – Heroes Square was filled with Caymanian pride today Monday 23 January 2023, to celebrate the twentieth National Heroes Day in Cayman Islands history, for the Grand Cayman Awards Ceremony. Honourable Premier G. Wayne Panton emphasised the meaning of National Heroes Day saying […]

Ministry of Finance and the Public Service has announced Financial Services Commission (FSC} appointment of Langston Sibblies

From Peter Polack Prominent Attorney Is New Board Member For The FSC – Jamaica Information Service (jis.gov.jm) The invasion of Grenada by the United States military and a coalition of six Caribbean nations started on the morning of 25 October 1983 nearly forty years ago. Three decades later a trove of information was received from […]

23 Jan Weather in Cayman

Mon 23 Jan 2023 Weather in Cayman SYNOPSIS Day: Partly cloudy. Tonight: Generally clear skies. Chance of rain 10%. Sea: Slight to moderate with a wave height of 2 to 4 feet. Expected temperatures: 72°F to 83°F. Yesterday: H 86.2°F  L 74.7°FWinds: Today: E SE 10-15 mph Tonight: E 10-20 mph UV: 7 HIGH DOWN from […]