February 8, 2023

Volunteerism and Charitable Service

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Cayman Islands Celebrates Volunteerism and Charitable Service

Grand Cayman, 23 January 2023 – Heroes Square was filled with Caymanian pride today Monday 23 January 2023, to celebrate the twentieth National Heroes Day in Cayman Islands history, for the Grand Cayman Awards Ceremony. Honourable Premier G. Wayne Panton emphasised the meaning of National Heroes Day saying “each year, we pause as a nation to remember those who have gone before us: our early pioneers paving the way to the prosperity, the stability, and harmony we enjoy in the Cayman Islands. These heroes are integral to our collective history, and their exploits should be heralded in our homes, schools and visitors’ guidebooks. Their selflessness, kindness, and love of country have created a roadmap for success that we can and should follow to preserve the most beautiful parts of our culture and people.”

This year’s ceremony was the first full-scale National Heroes Day event since COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in the Cayman Islands. As a result, attendees saw the complete scope of National Heroes Day celebratory activities including a parade representing the Uniformed Services and local club organisations, the flag processional featuring students from various local schools and the ceremonial wreath laying at the monuments in Heroes Square. The event was well-attended in support of all the honourees and comfortable due to slightly overcast skies and cool breezes.

This year’s theme Volunteerism and Charitable Services, honoured over two hundred volunteers, ten charitable organisations and one philanthropist in a ceremony filled with national applause for their exemplary services to the Cayman Islands. Among these persons were 70 Early Pioneers, categorised as any individual alive or deceased who founded or made an exceptional contribution to the development of voluntary service in the Cayman Islands prior to 1980. There were also 124 Pioneers honoured for making exceptional contribution for over twenty years to voluntary services within the Cayman Islands.
Mrs. Susan A. Olde received the sole philanthropist honour for making donations exceeding $1 million to charitable services in the Cayman Islands.

In the Charitable Organisations category, awards went to for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands Branch of the Guide Association – Girl Guides Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands Meals on Wheels, Cayman Islands Red Cross, Rotary Central Cayman Islands, Rotary Club of Grand Cayman, Special Olympics Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands Cancer Society, Girls’ Brigade in the Cayman Islands Ltd and the Lions Club of Grand Cayman for exceptional contributions to the development, enhancement, safety and wellbeing of the community in the Cayman Islands for more than twenty years.

“I am extremely proud to join you on the twentieth anniversary of National Heroes Day”, shared Minister for Youth, Sports, Culture and Heritage Hon. Bernie Bush. ”Under the theme of Volunteerism and Charitable Services, we recognise the commitment that volunteers and not-for-profit organisations have shown in our community. These individuals give of their time, energy and talents for free, all for the betterment of these three Islands home.”

To watch the stream of the 2023 National Heroes Day Awards Ceremony, click here: https://youtu.be/t5j05V8lC_M

As is customary, the Honourable Premier announced the National Heroes Day theme for the coming year. “As we celebrate our proud past and look to a hopeful future, I am pleased to announce the theme for our 2024 Heroes Day Celebrations is Celebrating Our Cultural Artists and Creatives. We look forward to showing appreciation for the talented individuals and groups who keep our colourful heritage alive, while preserving Caymanian culture and artistic expression.”

The full list of 2023 honourees can be found here: https://rb.gy/u3yhko

Read Hon. Premier Wayne Panton’s address here: https://www.gov.ky/news/press-release-details/premier’s-national-heroes-day-address-2023

Volunteerism & Charitable Services Pioneers

Early Pioneers

Mr. Valentine Anderson Sr. * Mr. David Arch Sr.
Mr. Richard E. Arch
Mr. Peter B. Balls Sr. * Mr. Philip A. Barnes
Mrs. Marjorie P. Beckles * Mr. Clinton A. Blake *
Ms. Frances Bodden *
Mr. George A. Bodden
Mr. Austin B. Bothwell *
Mrs. Una Bush *
Ms. Elaine Campbell
Mr. Robert Carby *
Mr. Lloyd Roy Charlton *
Mr. Louis Chung *
Ms. Joanna Clarke *
Mrs. Maisly Janilee Clifford * Mr. Barclay C. Coe
Mr. Ulric N. Coe *
Mr. Vernie Semmes Coe
Mr. Herbert Crawford
Mr. Eddie Ebanks *
Mr. John Edward Ebanks Sr. Mr. Michael C. Ebanks *


Mr. Albert Valentine Anderson Jr. Mrs. Adonia Barnes
Mr. Carl Barnes
Mr. Raymond Barnes * Ms. Patricia Bazell-Taylor * Ms. Cheryl Bell
Mrs. Lorna Blackman
Mr. Ercley C. Bodden

Ms. Eziethamae E. Bodden Mr. Harold (Jay) A. Bodden * Mr. Hubert Bodden *
Mr. Martin Winston Bodden Jr. Mr. Osbourne Bodden

Mr. Paul Bodden
Ms. Nana Bothwell
Mr. Christopher Bowring
Mr. Carl Laxley Theodore Brown Ms. Constance Andrea Bryan

Mr. John Verdon Evans * Mr. David Neales Godfrey Mrs. Iva Good
Mr. Cecil Carl Gordon Rev. John Gray *

Mr. Kenneth C. Hall
Mr. Leonard Augustus Hew Mrs. Judy A. Hill-Henriquez Hon. Sybil Joyce Hylton * Mr. Charles Delano Hislop * Mrs. Elizabeth Hurlston * Mr. Thomas A. Hurlston
Mr. Alfred P. Johnson *
Mr. Michael H. Lockwood * Dr. Krishna Mani *
Mr. Harwell McCoy *
Mrs. Janet Erena McCoy * Mr. Patrick E. McField *
Mr. Timothy E. McField * Mr. Stanton T. McLaughlin * Mr. Darney Edney McLean Mrs. Olive Hilda Miller *
Mr. Kirkland H. Nixon *

Mr. Woodrow McLaughlin *

Mr. JC Calhoun
Mrs. Elsie Chisholm
Ms. Cordella Chollette
Mr. Marfield Chollette
Mr. Kendal Connor
Mrs. Eleanor H. Conolly
Mr. Elvet Conolly
Mrs. Paulette Conolly-Bailey Mrs. Ulalee Marisa Crawford Mrs. Dawn Cummings
Mrs. Berna Cummins
Mr. Paul DeFreitas
Ms. Reba Dilbert
Ms. Janet Gloria Dixon
Ms. Deborah Ebanks
Mr. Gregory Ebanks
Miss Shareena Ebanks
Mrs. B. Michelle Ebanks-Barnes

Mrs. Ina Claire Orr
Mr. Ernest Panton *
Mr. James P. Powell
Mr. Robert L. Powell *
Mr. Royce Mackie Powell * Mr. Isaac Jeralow Rankin
Mr. Alfred Robinson-Watler * Mr. Wilford M. Ryan *

Mrs. Emily Seymour *
Mr. George E. Seymour * Mr. Daniel Mike Simmons * Mr. Antonio Smith
Ms. Beulah A. Smith *
Mr. Harvey H. Stephenson Mr. Rupert K. Thompson Mr. Wallace K. Thompson * Mrs. Ena Watler *
Mrs. Vernecia Watler *
Mr. Egerton H. Wellington * Mrs. Theoline Wellington Mr. Peter Wight
Mr. Cebert Wood
Mr. Wilard Alfonso Wright

Mrs. D. Melanie Ebanks-Jackson Mr. Andrew Eden
Ms. Maxine Annmarie Eldemire Mr. Frank E. Flowers Sr.

Ms. Patricia E. Forbes
Mr. Woodrow “Woody” Foster
Mr. Michael Gibbs
Ms. Corinne Glasgow
Mrs. Hope Glidden-Borden Stephenson Ms. Carmin Bernetta Godfrey
Mrs. Sarah Olcie Godfrey
Mr. Walton Tennyson Gooding
Mr. Desmond Graham
Mr. Derek Haines
Mr. Antonio Hawkins
Mr. Winston Hayle
Mr. Philip Hislop
Mr. Andrew Hulse

* Deceased (as confirmed to National Heroes Day Nominations Committee)


Mrs. Julie Joy Theresa Hunter Mr. Andre Jackson
Mr. Olson Jackson
Mrs. Reina Jefferson

Mr. Christopher Dorrien Johnson Mrs. Effie Johnson
Mr. Peter MacKay
Mr. Noel C. March *

Ms. Sophia Marsh
Ms. Juliet Imogene McCoy Mrs. Virginia Lee McCoy *

Mr. Rupert McCoy *
Ms. Joan M. McField
Mr. Lloyd McField
Ms. Patricia N. McField Ms. Norma McField
Sir Alden McLaughlin
Ms. Debra McLaughlin
Mr. Gordon McLaughlin Mr. Quiznell McLaughlin Ms. Sherrylee McLaughlin Ms. Lori McRae
Mrs. Katie Moore
Ms. Annie Multon


Mrs. Susan A. Olde

Charitable Services

Mr. Allan Myles
Mr. William Claude Myles Ms. Francilla Myles
Mr. Thomas Myles
Mrs. Kerry Nixon
Mr. Reginald Nixon
Ms. Lisa O’Neil
Mr. Jeffrey Parker
Mr. Wil Pineau
Mr. Lee Ramoon
Ms. Carolann Rankine
Mr. Oswell Rankine
Mrs. Carla Reid
Ms. Lorna Reid
Mr. Anthony C. Ritch
Ms. Sarah Patricia Rivers Mrs. Maxine Roberts
Mr. Rayle Roberts
Mrs. Elizabeth Scholefield Mr. Anthony N. Scott
Mr. Stanley N. Scott
Mr. Stephen Scott
Mr. Uriel Scott
Mrs. Selma Silva

Mrs. Mary J. Smith
Mrs. Wendy Stenning
Mr. Stephen Surrey
Mr. Bradshaw E. Taylor
Mr. Verdun S. Terry
Hon. Darwin Kurt Tibbetts
Mr. Denniston L. Tibbetts
Mr. Richard Tressider
Mr. Hendrik vanGenderen
Mr. Trevor Watler
Mr. William Watson
Mr. Kenrick Webster
Mrs. Janice Welcome
Mrs. Carolyn J. West
Mrs. Agnes “Nancy” Whitefield Ms. Maddalee Whittaker
Ms. Susan Whittaker
Mrs. Audrey R. Whittaker
Ms. Judith Witter
Mr. Ormond B. Wood
Mr. Robert Wood
Dr. Sook Yin

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