May 14, 2021

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IMF / Fiscal Monitor Report Press Briefing Summary

The IMF released today (Wednesday, April 7th) the latest update of its Fiscal Monitor report which stated that in the first year of COVID-19, fiscal policy has reacted quickly and forcefully to the health emergency. Lifelines have saved lives and protected livelihoods. Fiscal support has also prevented more severe economic contractions and job losses than […]

IMF / Fiscal Monitor Report April 2021 Forecast

Unprecedented fiscal support by governments during the pandemic has prevented more severe economic contractions and larger job losses, but risks remain of long-term scarring the International Monetary Fund says in its Fiscal Monitor report released on Wednesday (April 7) in Washington, DC. Meanwhile, such support, along with drops in revenues, has raised government deficits and […]

New challenges for the Mercedes−EQ Formula E Team on the return of the series to Rome

Formula E: Rome E-Prix 2021 At the end of a six-week break since the season opener in Diriyah, the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team returns to the track this weekend for the Rome E-Prix As with the season opener, the second race weekend of Season 7 will consist of two races (10 and 11 April). The […]

IMF World Economic Outlook

Global growth is getting an upgrade, but prospects for recovery are still highly uncertain due to the race between rolling out vaccines and mutations to COVID-19 the IMF says in its latest quarterly update to the World Economic Outlook report (January 20). “We are now projecting a stronger recovery for the global economy compared with […]

IMF / Global Financial Stability Report April 2021 Forecast

The global economy is finally emerging from the worst phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, although with prospects diverging starkly across regions and countries, the IMF says in its Global Financial Stability Report unveiled Tuesday (April 6) in Washington, DC. “Extraordinary policy measures have eased financial conditions and supported the economy, helping to contain financial stability […]

IMF / World Economic Outlook April 2021 Forecast

The IMF announced an upgrade to global growth in its World Economic Outlook on Tuesday (April 6) in Washington, DC. The global economy is projected to grow at 6 percent in 2021, moderating to 4.4 percent in 2022. That is a big turnaround from an estimated contraction of –3.3 percent in 2020 when the world […]

Youth in Action

Partner: Rio Ferdinand Foundation Context Black, Asian and minority communities across the island of Ireland (both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland) face racism, prejudice and inequality. Young people from minority communities are more likely to live in poverty than their peers, often in insecure housing (including reception centres), and face added language barriers. […]

Sport in the Service of Peace: Playing Fair, Leading Peace

Partner: Peres Center for Peace and Innovation Context Ties between Arab and Jewish citizens in Israel are marred by ongoing conflict that has led to discrimination, fear, and distrust of ‘the other’ on both sides. Many of Israel’s municipalities and institutions, including schools, are uni-cultural, leaving few opportunities for integration between Jewish and Arab children that […]

Football versus Discrimination

Partner: Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI) Context Recently, Ireland has been under international scrutiny for falling short of its human rights commitments to tackle racial discrimination. Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI) programmes give children from diverse ethnic minority and indigenous Irish backgrounds the opportunity to take part in physical activity, meet people from different cultures and […]

Hapoel Katamon’s Neighbourhoods League

Partner: Hapoel Katamon Jerusalem FC Context The poorest city in Israel, Jerusalem is a microcosm of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with hardly any positive contact between the two populations. Arab children in Jerusalem desperately need improved formal and informal education, including leisure time and proper facilities. Most Jewish children taking part in the programme also come from […]