September 19, 2021

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Rush Limbaugh, talk radio legend, dies at 70 of lung cancer

By Brian Trusdell From Newsmax Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh, who single-handedly created the era of national political talk radio and had the most listened to program in U.S. history, died Wednesday of lung cancer a year after announcing his diagnosis with the disease. He was 70. Limbaugh’s wife, Kathryn, made the announcement on his radio show. […]

Why SSD disks make data recovery difficult

s of late, the utilization of new stockpiling units as an option in contrast to hard drives has gotten boundless: these are SSDs or strong state drives. In contrast to customary hard drives, SSDs need moving parts, for example, attractive platters, read heads, or engine. The lone component for SSD data recovery as a rule […]

Gambling in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands “are falling behind other Caribbean Islands because of our failure to embrace gambling onshore.”. This is one of the manifestos of opposition party leader Ezzard Miller who is asking for gambling to be legalised in the British overseas territory and part of the Greater Antilles set of islands. He said that the […]

What is conductive hearing loss?

Living with any type of hearing impairment causes many life challenges and questions. It’s natural to wonder what causes conductive hearing loss, whether conductive hearing loss can be reversed, or whether conductive hearing loss can be cured. This article examines conductive hearing loss in detail, taking a look into the ear’s anatomy and then exploring […]

Will Andrés Arauz be the next President of Ecuador?

By Vijay Prashad and Pilar Troya / Globetrotter In Ecuador’s presidential election held on February 7, 2021, Andrés Arauz won the largest number of votes but could not prevail in the first round against 15 other candidates; he won 32.71 percent of the vote, short of the 40 percent needed to win the election outright (a winner […]

Open Letter from the International Board of Directors of RZIM on the Investigation of Ravi Zacharias

It is with shattered hearts that we issue this statement about the allegations against RZIM’s Founder, Ravi Zacharias. Following allegations made in late August of 2020 that Ravi had engaged in sexual misconduct and abuse in connection with two day spas, we commissioned Miller & Martin PLLC, a law firm with experience in corporate and […]

17 Feb Weather in Cayman

Wed 17 Feb 2021 Weather in Cayman SYNOPSIS Moderate southeasterly winds and seas are expected over the Cayman area for the next 24 hours in association with a high pressure system over the western Atlantic Ocean Humidity: 79% (DOWN from yesterday)UV: 9.0 VERY HIGH (DOWN from yesterday)Temperature: Today’s expected temperatures – 78°F to 86°F. Yesterday: […]