June 17, 2021

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VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT: St. K-N PM Harris pays tribute to workers on Labour Day Weekend 2020

Please note that this message was recorded on the morning of Friday, May 1st, 2020 so the speech cites national statistics as at 3:00pm Thursday, April 30th.  As at 3:00pm Saturday, May 2nd, the number of recovered persons in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis has since increased and now stands at 8. Prime […]

The Editor speaks: Unity in Christian churches

I was sent a video today from one of our readers called “UK Blessing”. The Reader just said, “This is just so beautiful – please listen – it had me in tears!” I echo everything the Reader said. There is little to say except to share the link. My wish is the Christian churches would […]

CHTA warns some Caribbean hotels could collapse if some tour operators don’t pay monies owed

MIAMI (May 3, 2020) – Citing the unprecedented pressures facing Caribbean hotels and resorts because of the coronavirus pandemic, the head of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) called on those international tour operators which have delayed paying hotels for services delivered to the operators’ clients as early as January to expedite reimbursements. Frank Comito, CEO […]

Cartoon of the week

By Tony Zuvela, Cartoonist “It’s my own little World which I can escape to everyday and create a fun, weird, berserk Cartoon to whatever subject I like. I enjoy doing all the work myself, and all the aspects of Cartooning, and seeing my work out there and the reactions it gets.” http://www.berserkalert.com.au/shop.htm Buy this Cartoon’s […]

3 May Weather in Cayman

3 May Sun 2020 SYNOPSIS Light to moderate winds and slight seas are expected across the Cayman area in association with a weak pressure gradient across the Northwest Caribbean. Radar images show scattered showers around the Cayman moving towards the west southwest. Humidity:66% (DOWN from yesterday)UV: 13.5 EXTREME (UP from yesterday)Temperature: Today’s expected temperatures – […]