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Treasure’s jewel in the crown

Caymanite artist Horacio Esteban’s work is now on show in the lobby of Treasure Island. The spectacular earthy colours of the semi-precious sculptures can be seen throughout his work and also in the hand made jewellery that is available to buy.

As well as his unique pieces of art on display, the exhibit is also showing examples of Esteban’s magnets, woodwork and paintings. The breath taking pieces are all for sale and available at the exhibit for the rest of the month.

Artist Horacio Esteban shows his original caymanite pieces at his second exhibition, One Native’s Son 2 in the Treasure Island Lobby throughout this month.

This artist not only creates pieces for sale locally but also has created sculptures for the Royal family, Nelson Mandela and others.

Mr. Esteban, 47, is one of the very few artists who works with caymanite. He said that he chose to work with caymanite because: “First and foremost it was the most challenging material to work with.

“I got to that point after going through glass, metals and other mediums. The second reason was that no one seemed to realize what it is, what it can do and it’s value.”

He added:  “I don’t get to attached to my work for too long. I’ve literally made things and broken them on purpose.

“I wanted to keep everything I made. However, I particularly like the mosaics that I do. It’s like painting but with stone.”

Mr. Esteban also works with other stone types such as limestone and bauxite.

He said:  “There is definitely a process for creating with stone. Identifying different consistencies so you don’t fragment any of the stone types. I like working with the mixed medium better though because they create better pieces at the end.”

Mr. Esteban talked about one of the objectives of his work being that he wanted to show Caymanian culture in his work he said; “It is an objective, part of the feel good purpose. My only pay off sometimes is the joy my work brings to the people.”

The jewelry he creates sells from $5 – $2000 and his sculptures range from $60 -$9000. His pieces are currently for sale at the exhibition in the Treasure Island Lobby, you can also acquire pieces by emailing him at [email protected] or calling him at 926-2787.

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