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Koozies: Keep your drink at the right temperature

Do you know what koozies are? The name is interesting, the thing is interesting and the use is interesting. Koozies is not only an interesting name itself but has some more interesting synonyms like kuzzie, kuzzies, coozie and coozies or kozy . They all sound similar though. I haven’t been able to figure out whether  koozies are  an innovative idea or  a bi-product of foam. They arrived into existence in the year 1982 and have acquired a massive amount of publicity ever since

The online dictionary that everyone seems to use now, Wikipedia, defines Koozies as “a fabric or foam device that is designed to keep a beverage can or bottle cold.” The insulation helps keep the cold beverage from warming due to body heat or ambient temperature. Koozies also prevent condensation from forming. Today, koozies are usually made of polyester, open cell foam, plastic and neoprene, but other materials such as leather and cloth can be used. Whilst the insulator does keep the beverage cold it also delivers warmth toy your hands. Koozies can be used on most standard size cans and stubby bottles, but they are most often used on beer cans and stubby beer bottles. People that love beer really love their beer, so having a koozie is very important and having a cool custom koozie is even better. Customized koozies have become very popular gifts, party favours, wedding favours, and promotional items. Koozies are cheap to produce, so having a custom koozie made can be very inexpensive. Let’s consider some various koozie designs you may want to use as gifts or promotional items.

If you are going to be throwing a party and would like to have some custom koozies made as party favors, you can have the koozie design relate to the theme of the party. For example, let’s assume you are hosting a Halloween party and you have your costume in advance. You can have a custom koozie made with you in your costume printed on it. Your friends will always remember that party whenever they use the koozie to keep their beer cold. In the picture you use for the koozie, you may want to be holding a beer in a koozie or be doing something otherwise humorous.

If you are involved in the planning of a wedding, you can have custom koozies made as wedding favors that help people remember that special day. If the wedding cake is made in advance, you can have a picture of the wedding cake printed onto koozies. Guests will think it is very unique and creative to have the actual wedding cake on the koozie that are using at the reception. If you cannot get a picture of the wedding cake in time, you can use a picture of the couple, or maybe a humorous picture of their parents mock fighting.

If you have a friend of family member that loves beer, you may want to make them a custom koozie that says “keep your hands off” or “property of ______” and have their name printed on it. You can even include a picture of them on the koozie so that everyone who sees it knows exactly who the beer belongs to.

If you know someone that has a strong dislike for the taste of beer, you can play a joke on them by having a koozie made that makes the can appear to be something else. You can have a generic term like “Grape Soda” printed on the koozie with some grape-related artwork to make the can appear like it has grape soda in it. Of course the cozy should be of a tall design to help mask the can. Offer them some grape soda and watch their reaction.

If you don’t mind doing a little scissor work yourself, you can make a very unique koozie by having a picture or design printed on it, and then cutting the top of the koozie to shape. For example, you can take a picture of a picket fence and have it printed on a koozie, and then cut along the top of the fence in the picture and produce a koozie with a unique shape.

Koozies are now used for holding espresso coffee/chocolate mugs so you can avoid getting your fingers and hands burnt.

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