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NO BODY FOUND: Cops say BBM rumours are just malicious

Rumours that the body of missing doctor’s assistant, Kerran Baker, has been found, have been dismissed by the police.

BBM’s, text messages, and telephones calls, claiming that the police have found the missing woman is complicating matters and hurting family and friends, according to the police.

And they  said that such false allegations are hampering the police inquiry and causing a great deal of stress to Kerran’s family.

“We can only conclude that that information is false and malicious.” Said RCIPS Chief Superintendent, John Jones.

Both Chief Superintendent Jones and Detective Superintendent, Marlon Bodden, made clear their disgust with the circulation of rumors surrounding the missing woman’s whereabouts.

In their latest press briefing, the police not only refuted the allegations but have also made a strong appeal for the perpetrators of the rumors to stop.

They say the rumors put strain on their investigative resources and causes great pain to the family and friends.

Detective Bodden said: “Yesterday we got a lot of calls from the public.

“There is a rumour that Kerran has been located. We are appealing to the community not to get involved in that kind of rumor.

“It consumes a lot of investigative time and causes great pain to the friends and family.

“The act of people spreading rumors like this uses up great time and investigative resources of the RCIPS.”

According to the police, there has been no determination as to the reason, source or origin of the rumors, and that it how it had managed to gain rapid momentum.

“The rumors started and have certainly gained momentum. I have no idea how or why the rumor started, nonetheless, that never happened.

“When individuals progress that kind of false information we still have investigate. We still have to justify the reason for our deployment.”

The top officers revealed yesterday that this case is unique – as her disappearance creates a mystery never before seen.

Mr Bodden added: “The silence around her disappearance is unique, as well as the fact that no one has come forward to say that they know anything.

“It is a unique challenge. We have always received bits of information from individuals in similar cases. But the whole point is that it has been difficult, there is silence the whole time. We need to find out why individuals are not saying anything to us?”

While giving his assurance that the police will not relent in their efforts to find answers, Mr. Bodden conceded that no more has progressed was made in efforts to locate Kerran.

He said: “There has been no significant development. We continue to go through the CCTV footages.

“I know this may sound repetitious, but we are operating in a structured manner.”

They also say that despite the rigors of the extensive CCTV reviews they will be continuously revisit the captured scenes until any hidden or overlooked clues are revealed.

Asked if new wire tapping capabilities could assist in the police’s investigation the Chief Superintendent said: “We cannot comment on phone tapping issues at all, as it relates to investigation.”

The police are asking persons with any information about the missing woman to contact them.






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