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Time to apply the sanctions to SVG

OPINION: From Jolly Green

It is time for the US to apply sanctions to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines [SVG] and all the Unity Labour Party [ULP] government. I am not studying the other Caribbean Island ALBA member countries at the moment, let’s start with one and work our way through them.

The Venezuelan ambassador to SVG, appointed by the illegal Maduro regime announced on TV news a few days ago that Venezuela is to start an airline service between Venezuela and SVG. Also announced at the same time, the grant of University scholarships for Vincentian students in Caracas.

Who is likely to come to SVG on the Venezuelan airline, Venezuela government workers and diplomats? Perhaps we will become a new holiday route for Venezuelans or pretend holidaymakers, who will turn out to be fugitives and stay, or use SVG as an onward transit point. Perhaps we will now have a more direct route for the Venezuelan cocaine trade. Or even the escape route for the escaping Maduro and cronies, for the Chavez family, the colonels, all on their way to Dubai on the new Vincentian [old] 747, none stop air service Argyle to Dubai. They might, however, be required to push start the Boeing. But for the Venezuelan airline, we must remember, most Venezuelan owned aircraft are lacking safety due to the US sanctions, no service parts, oils and hydraulic fluids, and certainly no parts big or small. So the Vincentian/Nigerian/Dynasty leased [old] 747, may have to do Caracas Dubai direct instead. Tickets Venezuela-Dubai to be paid in gold ingots only.

What Vincentian student would even consider Venezuela for studying? There is nothing there to survive on, no food, no drinking water, no electricity, and no governmental decency. Well, I suppose they can live with the latter, coming from SVG which currently also has no governmental decency. They will find no medical care in Venezuela and will be robbed and beaten every time they step into the street, even in their apartments. Stabbings and violent crime is a common occurrence every minute of the day and night. Almost all crimes go unsolved with 98% of crimes in Venezuela not resulting in prosecution.

As well as all that Vincentian students will be expected to take up arms and support the Maduro cause if required, they are after all from an ALBA country, SVG. Caracas is currently the second most dangerous city in the world.

For every international student that goes to University in Venezuela to study, a baby will die there every day from the starvation caused by students eating from the limited food supply.

People are starving in Venezuela due to years of Socialist mismanagement of the country. Included in that mismanagement is the state grabbed acquisition of land, businesses, utilities, the oil industry, and even farming. Old fashioned state control in the form of Nationalization of everything. Babies are dying due to starvation and lack of medical support. Older people are dying; poor people are dying. No one cares a damn as long as the Marxist-Leninist state continues to exist. Gonsalves and all the other leaders who are supporting this grave human injustice and assault on the Venezuelan people deserve to be punished; they deserve as the very least, sanctions. Please US apply them now, no one deserves them more.

Maduro came to power three times due to gross election fraud. Some believe Gonsalves came to power three times due to gross election fraud.

Ralph E Gonsalves is a supporter of the Maduro regime and all it stands for like he is a supporter of the Cuban regime and all it stands for.

The Cubans have raped and pillaged Venezuela, sending in a couple of battalions of second rate medics in return for multi-millions of dollars worth of oil stolen from the Venezuelan people. The Cubans became involved in Venezuela state business’s sucking out the income and transferring it to Cuba.

Since 1999, Venezuela has practically functioned as a Cuban colony. Chavez and Castro signed “cooperation pacts” that have obligated Venezuela to send thousands of barrels of petroleum to Cuba daily. It is estimated that by 2020, Venezuela will have sent eight billion dollars of crude oil to Venezuela.

[and got half a penneth worth of third rate medics in return]

The Cubans rented to the Venezuelan Marxist-Leninist regime since early days, for regime protection, Cuban Special Forces, the multitasking ‘Black Wasps,’ using the same to sniper shoot and murder student protesters. As plainclothes operatives Razor slashing buttocks and bosom’s of Venezuelan female students during protests.

Under the guidance of the Gonsalves dynasty, SVG has also had a hand in plundering and raping Venezuela’s people and in doing so robbing them of their oil. SVG also exported vast sums of its revenue to Cuba when they employed second rate Cuban workmen to take the jobs of Vincentians while building Argyle airport. The money paid to the Cubans left SVG and became part of the Cuban economy instead of being spent with Vincentian businesses in SVG.

The airport was a three year project which took the Cubans eight years to complete.

How about the Gonsalves/Francis dynasty? Mrs. Eloise Gonsalves Ralph Gonsalves wife owns a house in Cain Gardens, SVG. Which she bought specially to rent to SVG’s Venezuelan Ambassador at an extortionate rent, despite the Venezuelans failing to pay their bills internationally, is she still prioritized in receiving her rent?

Now it is announced that Cuban businessmen are coming to SVG to invest, they have nothing to invest. They are coming to plunder not invest, the movement of our money to Cuba is little more than a scheme invented by the Gonsalves dynasty to pay alms to the Cuban motherland, as I am sure Ralph Gonsalves considers them.

They have arrived and it turns out they want SVG to openly circumvent US sanctions in favor of Cuba, putting at risk all the remissions from Vincentian workers in the US. You can be sure Gonsalves will go along with that and supply them with everything from oil to tin roofing, and anything else they want us to acquire. It’s called solidarity.

All of the nasty Communist muck in the Caribbean emanates from Cuba, they have been at it for years and is helped along by young [and old] revolutionaries and terrorists who although born elsewhere carry the made in Cuba label on their tucus’s.


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