January 19, 2020

OPINION: 12-14: ALBA-TCP summit begins in Havana

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By Jolly Green Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other leaders arrive in Cuba to attend the Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Our America (ALBA). The Alba was created 14 years ago on December 14, 2004, by the deceased presidents of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and of Cuba, Fidel Castro, describing it as […]

OPINION: Landfills, fires and media ethics – In response to the Compass editorial

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From Coalition to Keep BT Dump Free Long before the recent flames at the George Town (GT) landfill, the Coalition to Keep BT Dump Free warned of the danger of fire inherent to a dump, and the potential toxic fallout.  Since its launch by thirty concerned Bodden Town (BT) residents in October 2011, the Coalition […]