September 20, 2020

The Editor Speaks: The world goes green whilst Cayman sleeps. Why?


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An article I read in the Caymanian Compass on Friday (1) showed a jubilant figure of John Felder holding up his first Chevrolet Volt vehicle licence from the Cayman Islands Department of Vehicles and Drivers Licensing.

“This is like a dream come true,” he is reported as saying.

But the dream hasn’t come true. It will not pass inspection. The Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly (LA) ONE YEAR later have not passed a new Traffic Law that allows electric-powered vehicles to be driven on Cayman roads!


No reason has been given officially and in writing to Mr. Felder.


Mr. Felder, after seeking legal advice, says the existing Traffic Law allows for electric-powered cars to be driven on local roads.

Government officials say it doesn’t!

Earlier in the year we were told, by the Ministry of Works that “the regulations” were being drafted and “PROOFREAD now”.

Earlier in the year!

Has it been given to Cabinet for their approval? It certainly hasn’t been brought up in the LA.


Here we have a businessman who has imported FIVE fully electric-powered cars and he can’t sell them even though he has buyers for them. We are in a recession and many businesses are folding up.

We have Government flaunting their keenness for everyone to go green. We have the fuel companies raising their gas prices virtually every time we go to the pumps. But we fall asleep when it comes to passing a legislation that shouldn’t be complicated and take over a year to write!

What is worse, the Compass article has appeared ALL OVER THE WORLD. [See article published on iNews Cayman: Amp’s plan to sell electric Mercedes-Benz in Cayman Islands runs into roadblocks]. We are being laughed at. “A typical third world country that doesn’t know its backside from its elbow. That spends all day sleeping in hammocks.” “Soon come”.

I’m sorry but it is disgraceful. And there is no explanation for and where the hold up is.


Here is one answer: We’ve gone to bed. Oh and it’s to sleep. No problem, man!

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