September 24, 2020

Jubilee Order of Cayman Recipients number 89


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Congratulations to all the following recipients of awards and medals announced by the Premier as part of the Jubilee Celebrations

Medal of Honour


Alan Markoff                           Journalism and Community Service

Arek Joseph                          Architecture and Community Service

Bertram Connolly                  Farming

Capt. Marvin Ebanks           Tourism

Charlie Watler                        Church and Community Service

Daniel Rankine                       Farmer

Delano Solomon                   Community Service

David Legge                         Journalism

Dr. Krishna Mani                    Medical and Community Service

Dr. Joseph Marzouca           Medical and Community Service

Eileen Nervik                         Legal and Education Services

Everad Leacock                    Commerce

Franklin Smith             Agricultural Development

Benjamin Torchinsky Tourism and Community Service

Harvey Stephenson                        Agricultural, Commerce and Tourism Development

Hugh Kirkaldy                        Insurance and Church Services

Fred Sambula                       Meteorology

Joseph Ebanks                     Church and Construction

Parker Tibbetts                      Commerce

Leonard Ebanks                    Banking and Community Service

Leonard Hew                                    Commerce and Sports

Lewie Ceto Hydes              MRCU – Development and Civil Service

Rev. Nicholas Sykes            Church and Community Service

Robert Hamaty                     Service to National Airline and Tourism

Sony Clarke                          Construction Services

Sydney Shaw                       Construction

Wenzil Burlington                  Church and Community Service

William Ebanks                      Agricultural Development


Aruna Powery                       Church and Community Service

Capt. Asley Ebanks             Tourism

Charles Whittaker                  Sports

Elritha Seymour                     Youth and Community Service

Fitzroy Munroe                      Construction Industry

Fran McConvey                    Music and Teaching

Frank Gayle                           Construction

Graham Rankine                    Sports

Herbie Martin             Insurance and Community Service

Junior Jennings                      Music

Ken Davies                            Music

Marfield Chollette                  Community Services

Omelin Campbell                 Teaching and Educational Services

Osgood Christian                  Electrical Services

Ottmar Webber                    Tourism

Rex Watler                            Music

Silford Christie                       Construction

Graham Walker                     Veteran and Community Service


Alex Johnson                        Community Service

Alfred Powery                       Church and Humanitarian Service

Bergman Ebanks                  Commerce

Bunny Myles                         Music and Construction

Delano Bush                          Construction Industry

Egbert Walton                       Construction

Eldon Rankin                          Music, Construction and Tourism

Errol Watler                            Agricultural Development

George Seymour                 Commerce

Hamlin Stephenson              Agricultural Development

Henry Mutoo                         Cultural Development

Michael Godfrey                   Construction and Community Service

Rudy Myles                         Community Service

Rev. Mary Graham               Church and Community Service

Wesley Howell                     Music

William (Billy) Banker            Cultural Development

John Foster                            Meteorology

Medal of Merit


Benjamin Ebanks                  Tourism

Lucille Douglas                      Electrical Services

Marlena Anglin                       Cultural Development and Tourism

Twyla Mae Vargas               Cultural Development

Victor Thompson                  Sports

Judy Hill Henriquez               Teaching

Roselind Welds                    Tourism


Capt. Crosby Ebanks         Tourism

Capt. Dallas Ebanks Tourism

Edward Bush                         Tourism

Fern McLaughlin                    Tourism Services

Jane Ebanks                          Cultural Development

Janice Chisholm                    Tourism

Lemuel Ebanks                     Farming and Transport

Marjorie Rivers                      Tourism

Ruby Dominguez                 Tourism

Aldine Anglin                         Tourism

Burton Ebanks                       Tourism

Delva Ebanks                        Tourism

Marie Bush                            Tourism

Miriam Ebanks                       Tourism

Marjorie Rivers                      Tourism

Nelba Ebanks                       Tourism

Long Service:

Linda McLean                        Civil Service

Derrick Elliott Sr                      Service to RCIPS

Wilfred Myles Sr                   Service to RCIPS


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