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The Editor Speaks: Expected response from Commissioner

Colin Wilsonweb2On Thursday March 3rd we published under the heading “Cayman Islands MLA issues complaint against police commissioner for non-performance” (see: a letter sent to us from West Bay MLA Bernie Bush.

The letter was addressed to Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, Wesley Howell the Acting Chief Officer of the Home Affairs Ministry, and Peter Hayes the FCO diplomat in charge of overseas territories in London.

The letter had 20 complaints against Commissioner David Baines and diplomacy is not at the highest level when it comes to Baines’ replies.

Therefore I was expecting his statement that says:

“Mr Bush, once again, demonstrates his ample capacity to repeat rumor, speculation and gossip without checking the facts, thereby speaking with total confidence from a position of total ignorance.

“Why let facts get in the way of a ‘grandstanding’ media headline? I will assist any inquiry or action initiated by Her Excellency the Governor. My only regret is the waste of time and public money these misrepresentations and false accusations will cause in having them addressed to the satisfaction of all concerned.”

“Thereby speaking with total confidence from a position of total ignorance.”

I believe it is very unfortunate he would say that.

The press and Cayman’s MLAs (the majority of them) have been very kind to the Commissioner over the revelations that the break in of the supposed secure George Town Police Station evidence locker had to have his own police officers involved and his recruitment of an officer recruited from Jamaica who had been charged with murder. This officer was later found guilty of the charge and is in jail (in Jamaica). So much for a background check.

If that had happened in the United Kingdom where Baines is from I am quite sure the press and Members of Parliament would have hounded him mercilessly and he would have had to resign.

His incredibly over long investigation into Operation Tempura’s Martin Bridger is not in the least funny (Bridger has still not been interviewed by the RCIPS) is, I expect a delaying tactic from The FCO and his reward for this is a gong!

I have refrained up until now from joining in the chorus for his removal and even gave him praise for the decline in violent crimes as he is the head.

I have to say that I am very disappointed to his response to a Member of the Legislative Assembly who by his position deserved better.

Unfortunately, it was my expected response Commissioner David Baines.


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