September 17, 2021

The Editor Speaks: Curiouser and curiouser

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We have published in full (under Breaking News) the full transcript of the Press Release from the elected Independent candidates who have “set the record straight”.

It is a very curious Press Release and does not bode well for a harmonious four years to come.

It takes some believing that the Deputy Leader of the Progressives, Moses Kirkconnell, would agree that Mr. McLaughlin’s ability to lead was untenable. There has to be words taken out of context there.

For the Independents to come up with a proposal for unity when it had Anthony Eden as Premier, the position of Deputy Premier offered to Mr. McKeeva Bush, 1 cabinet post for Mr. Bernie Bush, and a councillor position for Captain Eugene Ebanks, when zero for the largest party (and their admission that it was a draw for seats won 8 all) the Progressives is ludicrous.

They are surprised Mckeeva would not be Eden’s Deputy? A country led by Eden? Eden is a very good person but leadership is not his best quality. Do you remember how ineffective he was as Health Minister? McKeeva is not stupid and he has a wealth of political knowhow and savvy in one finger than any of the newly elected Independents.

If there is one huge lesson to be learned this country cannot go back to electing Independents in large blocks that have no political or even business experience. Talk show hosts, reporters, etc who talk the good talk cannot immediately run a country.

The offer to the PPM by the Independents of Deputy Premier, 2 Ministers and Speaker, without saying who was going to be Premier, was obviously going nowhere.

And I understand there was opposition to that from some of the Independents too.

And look at this utter preposterous final statement:

“The Independent members wish to assure the public that we made ever best effort to form a government that reflected the will of the people. It is clear now that neither the PPM nor the CDP negotiated in good faith and the questions surrounding the outstanding lawsuits remain unanswered. Further details of the five days of negotiation will be revealed later in the appropriate arena.
The remaining Independents will therefore form her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and look for the answers as to why Mr. Mckeeva Bush would accept a lesser offer that was clearly not in the best interest of the Cayman Islands, the people of West Bay, or his party.”

Where does West Bay come into the equation of running a country?

I am not surprised some of their Independents are breaking ranks. Even Kenneth Bryan wants to distance himself from them.

As Lewis Carroll said this election has got even curiouser and curiouser.

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