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Cayman: Cabinet Post Meeting Summary 23 April 2024

Cabinet Post Meeting Summary of the meeting held by the Cabinet on Tuesday, 23 April 2024 and published by the Cabinet Office on  Wednesday, 1 May 2024.

Her Excellency the Governor Mrs. Jane Owen, chaired the meeting of the Cabinet held on Tuesday, 23rd
April, 2024 in the Cabinet Conference Room, Government Administration Building.

The Hon Minister for Border Control, Labour and Culture acted for the Hon Deputy Premier and Minister
of Financial Services, Commerce, Investment, Innovation and Social Development. The Hon Minister for
Health and Wellness acted for the Hon Minister for Planning, Agriculture, Housing, Infrastructure,
Transport and Development. Parliamentary Secretary Ms Heather Bodden acted for the Hon Minister for
Youth, Sports and Heritage and Mrs Reshma Sharma acted as Attorney General. All other Ministers and Members of Cabinet were present.

At this meeting Cabinet:

  • Approved for Foxlair Limited to make application to the Grand Court for restoration to the Cayman
    Islands Register of Companies;
  • Approved the lease of offices for Customs and Border Control;
  • Approved amendments to the Seven Mile Public Beach Park Vendor Policy;
  • Approved the appointment of Lorren Stainton as Secretary to the Human Tissue Transplant
  • Approved the re-appointment of Khadija Chisholm as a Member of the National Drug Council;
  • In relation to the Health Insurance Commission:
    o Accepted the resignation of Norman Wilson and recorded gratitude for his service; and
    o Approved the appointment of Jill Mojica as Member of the Health Insurance Commission;
  • Approved the appointment of Laura Caplescu as Secretary of the Health Appeals Tribunal;
  • Approved the publication of the Central Planning Authority’s approved Planning Statement to
    facilitate a 60-day public consultation;
  • Reviewed and noted the Cayman Islands Central Planning Authority and Development Control
    Board’s 2022 Annual Report and authorised for it to be tabled in Parliament;
  • Approved for the NRA to open a public road to the East End Civic Centre and the publication of
    the Declarations under sections 3 and 6 of the Road Act (2005 Revision) in accordance with
    Boundary Plan #675;
  • Approved the Cayman Islands Food and Nutrition Security Policy: Implementation Plan (2023-39)
    and the establishment of Cayman Islands Food and Nutrition Security Council;
  • Approved in accordance with the Notaries Public Act (2023 Revision) for the following persons to
    be appointed as Notaries Public: Vilma Burke, Ailian Evans, Alexandria Saintvil, Jessica Samadi
    and Tyana Walton;
  • Approved the following transfer of appropriations to complete the mondo trace works at the
    Cayman Brac Sports Complex:
  • o In accordance with section 9(5) bring forward CI$300,000 allocated to EA 60 – Cayman
  • Brac: Sports Complex Expansion in the 2025 budget to the 2024 budget;
  • o In accordance with section 11 (5) and (6) decrease EI 87 – Ministry of District
  • Administration and Lands by CI$187,896.97 and increase EA 60 – Cayman Brac: Sports
  • Complex Expansion by CI$187,896.97;
  • Approved in accordance with section 11 (5) and (6) the following reallocation of funding:
    o Decrease HES 1 – Policy Advice and Ministerial Services for Health and Wellness by
    o Decrease HES 11 – Mosquito Control Services by CI$3,500,000;
    o Decrease TP 73 – Other Health and Wellness Programme Assistance by CI$500,000;
    o Increase NGS 55 – Tertiary Care at Various Local and Overseas Institutions by
    o Increase HEA 16 – Geriatric Services by CI$2,501,253;
    o Increase HEA 17 – Medical Care Beyond Insurance Coverage/Un-Insured by
    o Increase HEA 19 – Medical Care for Chronic Ailments by CI$435,764;
    o Increase HEA 20 – Public Health Programmes, Investigations and Treatments by

  • Noted the renewable energy capacity for public sector buildings;
  • Noted the financial report for the period 1st January 2024 – 31st March 2024; and
  • Noted the name change of the Sharon Marie Martin Primary School to the Marie Martin Primary
  • Published by the Cabinet Office on Wednesday, 1st May, 2024.


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