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Illinois’ 2A Grades and Endorsements for 2024 Election Candidates


We released our “2nd Amendment Grades for Illinois’ 2024 Political Candidates” this week:

As you know, voters in Illinois who care about encouraging legal gun ownership in their state have a choice in 2024:

  • We dug into the Second Amendment (2A) stance of federal and state-level candidates in Illinois in battleground districts and high-profile races.
  • Grades are due to a candidate’s previous 2A voting record, public statements on their constituents owning firearms, and the candidate’s willingness to focus on 2A issues.
  • Grades have been assigned from A to F, just like in school.

Spoiler alert: Several of our grades surprised me as we often found an urban vs. rural divide – not a party-line divide – when it came to a candidate’s 2A stance.

To be honest, this was partially motivated by Everytown’s “Gun Sense” voter education initiative (i.e. propaganda campaign): And the fact that the NRA seems to be slow in releasing their grades:


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