September 23, 2021

Publisher speaks: TOGETHERNESS

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My poem about ‘togetherness’ something that seems we don’t have much time for. TOGETHERNESS By Joan E. (Watler) Wilson There’s nothing as nice as togetherness With friends we hold so dear To share one’s delights or problems And to show each other we care. A look, a touch gives one a feeling of belonging. But […]

The Publisher speaks: “Winds of Change” – Christmas is coming

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By Joan Wilson I have taken our Editor’s space today because I felt the winds of change yesterday evening and I wrote a poem about it. One, I haven’t shared with you before. As Christmas is just around the corner, here it is. WINDS OF CHANGE I felt the winds of change this evening A […]

The Publisher speaks: Peacock

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Owing to Colin not being available most of today I have been asked to sit in his space. I, of course, am submitting to you one of my poems. This tells in rhyme a 100 per cent true story and was written some years ago when my dear sister, Eulene, was alive. It brings back […]

MOTHER (Better known as Mama)

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By Joan (Watler) Wilson ‘Mama’ as we called her was so quiet and sweet To hug and kiss her was really a treat. She was fat like mothers of her day you see Having nine healthy children she was pleased as could be. She never wandered far from home – no way, She kept watch […]

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