May 11, 2021

The Publisher speaks: “Winds of Change” – Christmas is coming

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By Joan Wilson

I have taken our Editor’s space today because I felt the winds of change yesterday evening and I wrote a poem about it. One, I haven’t shared with you before.

As Christmas is just around the corner, here it is.


I felt the winds of change this evening
A real Christmas breeze was blowing
The sky was clear and the air was so fresh
And the man in the moon was smiling

I didn’t even sweat whilst gardening today
And that was a real change for me
It was so cool and the humidity so low
Not our usual weather as you all know

Strange plants are popping up everywhere
I certainly didn’t have them in the garden before
And the amazing truth is – I didn’t even plant them
Just where they sprouted I’ve allowed them to grow

Green and orange, pink and white –
Even purple, yellow and green
It’s really a miracle to see them flowering
Most of these plants I’ve never seen

Like I said before – I can feel the winds of change
As CUC begins to string thousands of lights
Reminding us it’s that time of year again
To make George Town attractive and a colourful sight

Pirates Week came and went on our calendar of events
It was a celebration and a masquerade
A mock invasion by make believe pirates,
Parties, and people were everywhere

They say it’s our history and culture and we descendants don’t mind
We all like to party from time to time
If pirates and slaves is ‘way we come from’
We’ve all come a long way and developed some

This brings me to the real winds of change
The Season of Good will and “ Christmas”
Jesus was born on Christmas Day
And we’ll be celebrating his birth in our own special way

Mary and Joseph found refuge on that Christmas Morn
It was in a stable our Redeemer was born
Holy beings were drawn to mother earth
And angels declared the good news of his birth

(And its been said that Heaven and earth are no wider apart today
Than when shepherds listened to the angel’s song)
“Unto us a child is born”
Earth was hushed, and heaven stooped to listen to the song –
“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth Peace, Good Will toward men”

By Joan E. (Watler) Wilson

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