November 29, 2023

The Publisher speaks: Peacock

Owing to Colin not being available most of today I have been asked to sit in his space.

I, of course, am submitting to you one of my poems.

This tells in rhyme a 100 per cent true story and was written some years ago when my dear sister, Eulene, was alive.

It brings back many fond memories of her.

In fact just re-reading the poem it has brought back the whole incident as if it was only yesterday.

I hope you all enjoy it and laugh as both of us did.


By Joan (Watler) Wilson

I was driving with my invalid sister a few evenings ago
The sun was just setting and we were going quite slow,
Stopping occasionally to comment at what I was seeing
And describing the properties so fine and appealing.

Beautiful buildings are going up everywhere
Private homes, condominiums and even timeshare
Are all a favourite way of living for nearly everyone
More time for family and friends when day is done.

Driving on the scenic route we stopped for a while
To admire the ocean and the breakers so wild.
This chain of rock can be hazardous at times
But it’s protected this Island from the beginning of time.

Finally, we turned off the main thoroughfare
To visit some of nature’s finest birds of Belaire
Late in the evening they’re nearly all in the street
Just being very friendly or looking for a treat.

We were both delighted to see this gorgeous peacock
With his upper tail spread and tipped with oscillated spots
He didn’t pay us much mind – he was much too busy
In fact I’d say, “He was in quite a tizzy.”

You see, there was a shiny black car parked quite near
And this peacock approached it without any fear.
He was so attracted to the reflection he was seeing
He gave himself a peck that seemed so pleasing.

But that peck set the car’s alarm off and it was so deafening
And this proud love-sick peacock kept running around and pecking
The alarm kept going; it was attracting quite a crowd
And we couldn’t hear ourselves speak it was so loud.

This noise went on for ages but the peacock wouldn’t quit
He loved his own reflection and didn’t mind the noise a bit.
We sat there for ages, entertained by this love affair
While the peacock kept pecking at this bird so fair.

From “Buried Treasures of Cayman” – “My Memories”
Poems (and ponderings) By
Joan E. (Watler) Wilson

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