February 21, 2024

UCLA’s 2023-2024 Professional Programs. Screenwriting. Writing for Television. Apply by Aug. 28!

Professional Programs alumni include: Ian Stokell (Screenwriter, BAFTA and National Board of Review Winner for All Quiet on the Western Front), Olivia Liang (star of the CW’s Kung Fu),Steven Canals (creator/writer/director, FX’s Pose),James Ponsoldt (writer/director/producer Daisy Jones & the Six, Shrinking, Smashed, The Spectacular Now), Ritabhari Chakraborty (actress, Fatafati),Bo Yeon Kim (writer/producer, Star Trek: Discovery),Rayne Roberts (VP, film development, Lucasfilm),Sylvia Jones (writer, Ava Duvernay’s Cherish the Day, […]

Reebok x PaperBoy Paris x BEAMS join forces for Club C Legacy refresh

BOSTON, MASS. / OCTOBER 19, 2021 – Today, Reebok, PaperBoy Paris and BEAMS announce their first collective collaboration to reimagine the Club C Legacy and Club C 85. Reebok teamed up with the Japanese fashion retailer and hybrid restaurant-streetwear label to create a fresh take on the Club C silhouettes, inspired by the “milk boy”— a […]

Do pets really make people healthier?

By: Mary Daly From Care2 Who exactly are the people sharing their homes with animals? And how does it affect their lives? One large study aimed to explore just that. It’s been widely reported that pet scan improve our health — both mentally and physically. But it might not be that simple. Here’s what researchers […]

US: California adds Oklahoma to State Travel Ban List

By Sandy Fitzgerald From Newsmax California is continuing to ban state-funded travel to places with laws perceived to discriminate against gay or transgender people, adding Oklahoma as the ban’s ninth state, Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced in a press release on Friday.The restrictions on Oklahoma were added after the state adopted  a new law in […]

This AI therapist is helping me get over my ex

BY MONICA CHIN From Mashable Many of us could use a professional to talk to. But therapists are expensive, and it’s hard to get an appointment. Luckily, artificial intelligence is here to save us. A team of UCLA researchers claim to have the solution: an artificially intelligent therapist. No more waiting rooms, small talk, or […]

World Bank appoints Chief Economist for Latin America and Caribbean

From South Florida Caribbean News Carlos Végh, New World Bank Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean  WASHINGTON, DC– Carlos Végh, a Uruguayan national, is the new World BankChief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean. Végh will oversee a team of economists charged with providing intellectual leadership, economic analysis, and advice on the development […]

7 ways to tell if someone is lying, according to research

Kevin Daum, Inc. From Business Insider Nearly everyone is taught as a kid that lying is bad, but the truth is that society puts up with so much falsehood that many people become liars while thinking they are truthful. Little lies like embellishing your resume or being nice so you won’t hurt the feelings of […]

Pros and cons of Caribbean medical schools

By Edward Chang From Prospective Doctor It is difficult to gain admissions to a U.S. medical school. In 2012, only 19,517 out of 45,266 applicants were accepted to a single medical school. That means 57% of applicants were not accepted to any medical schools, even though may have applied to more than 20. As a […]

UCLA gunman reportedly had ‘Kill List,’ may be linked to another murder in Minnesota

By Jen Kirby From New York Mag The UCLA gunman who killed an engineering professor and then shot himself may have also murdered another woman in Minnesota before carrying out his rampage at the California university Wednesday, according to police. Police have now identified the gunman as 38-year-old Mainak Sarkar, who is believed to be […]