September 27, 2022

Cayman Islands leadership class meet for opening retreat

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The 2017 Leadership Cayman Class met at the end of January for the Annual Opening Retreat. The 24 class members attended a two-day retreat at the Wyndham Reef Resort, where they were also joined by 2017 Programme Chair, Faramarz Romer; Dr. Peter Hammerschmidt; and Chamber staff member, Nikita Durrant. Dr. Peter Hammerschmidt, President of the […]

Dr Hammerschmidt meets with Leadership Cayman Alumni for Team-Building event

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The Leadership Cayman Alumni members met for the first time this year on the evening of January 26 to reconnect with previous Leadership Cayman Class members and to offer another brief experiential activity on the power of collaboration. The 11 attendees were joined for by Dr. Peter Hammerschmidt for the session, who ran a series […]