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Dr Hammerschmidt meets with Leadership Cayman Alumni for Team-Building event

The Leadership Cayman Alumni members met for the first time this year on the evening of January 26 to reconnect with previous Leadership Cayman Class members and to offer another brief experiential activity on the power of collaboration. The 11 attendees were joined for by Dr. Peter Hammerschmidt for the session, who ran a series of tasks focussing on teamwork and leadership.

Dr. Hammerschmidt, President of the Leadership Consulting Service Inc., has been advising executives in leadership, innovative problem-solving, and teamwork for three decades. He has been assisting with the Leadership Cayman Programme since its inception in 2009.

The Alumni engaged in an activity “Win as Much as You Can” and discovered that defining “you” broadly to mean the group(s) you are in, and not just you personally, can be much more productive and rewarding.

This key leadership lesson may be applied very specifically to our lives here on The Cayman Islands as we integrate many different cultures, geographies and perspectives into a thriving community.

Dr. Hammerschmidt then departed, travelling to the Wyndham Reef Resort for the Opening Reception for the 2017 Leadership Cayman Class, as he has done since the inception of the highly important leadership programme.

Chamber President-elect, Kyle Broadhurst, was also present for the event. A past graduate of the Leadership Cayman Programme, Kyle now serves as the Chair of the Alumni Committee.

The Alumni will meet again for a social event on March 11.

The Leadership Cayman Programme is a six-month intensive course that enables class members to develop new skills, whilst attending a series of seminars facilitated by expert speakers and professionals.

They also learn to better understand the Cayman Islands community and the ways in which they can contribute back to society.


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