December 6, 2023

Why did a zoo lion kill her longtime mate?

By: Laura Goldman From Care2 Zuri and Nyack had been mates for eight years at the Indianapolis Zoo. The two African lions shared housing and had three cubs together. According to zookeepers, they never were aggressive toward one another. Yet one October morning before the zoo opened, employees heard unusual roaring coming from the lions’ […]

Outer Space

By Brandon Specktor, From Live Science No, Octopuses Don’t Come From Outer Space Scientists are dubious of a new paper that suggests frozen octopi eggs rode a meteor to Earth 540 million years ago. Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe. I want to believe the conclusions of a new paper that says octopuses are […]

Hurricane Irma’s wake: Caribbean’s scars will likely last years

By Andrea Thompson, From Live Science The Caribbean is used to hurricanes, but not hurricanes like Irma, one of the strongest storms on record in the Atlantic Ocean basin. The top-end Category 5 hurricane, which had winds of 185 mph (298 km/h) at its peak, raked across successive islands, leaving catastrophic damage in its wake. […]

‘Strong evidence’ shows that alcohol causes 7 cancers, researcher argues

By Sara G. Miller, From Live Science Drinking alcohol may cause seven different types of cancer, according to a new opinion article. Previous studies have found an association between drinking alcohol and a higher risk of developing certain cancers, according to the article. However, it was not clear from the studies if drinking alcohol directly […]

Does smoking pot change the way the brain develops?

By Tia Ghose for LiveScience From Mashable The effects of marijuana on the brain may be more complicated than experts previously thought, and may depend on factors related to the person using the drug, such as their genetics, two new studies suggest. Marijuana use does not lead to smaller brain size in teens, one of the […]

Clams’ iridescent shells could inspire new type of solar power

By Laura Geggel, Staff Writer for LiveScience From Mashable Brilliant shades of blue and aqua coat the iridescent lips of giant clams, but these shiny cells aren’t just for show, new research finds. The iridescent sheen directs beams of sunlight into the interior of the clam, providing light for algae housed inside. In a symbiotic […]

Deadly E-cigarette explosions add to the health hazards of vaping

By Laura Geggel, for LiveScience From Mashable Electronic cigarettes can cause deadly explosions if the wrong type of charger is used, according to recent news reports. This is just one of the unforeseen risks associated with smoking e-cigs, which is also sometimes called vaping. A 62-year-old Englishman died on Aug. 8 after an incompatible charging […]

18th-Century artifacts unearthed in Caribbean

From Project Avalon Forum Archaeologists working on two small Caribbean islands have found artifacts intentionally buried beneath two 18th-century plantation houses. They appear to have been placed there for their spiritual power, protecting the inhabitants against harm, said John Chenoweth, a professor at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, in an interview with Live Science. The discoveries […]