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How the Constitution Fails to Protect the Environment

The absence of clear and broad constitutional authority to protect the environment limits the scope of federal environmental law.

 Siri Lindley: Most Americans oppose killing horses for food—Here’s how to end this brutal practice

Tens of thousands of American horses are slaughtered every year due to a loophole in federal policy. By Siri Lindley Author Bio: Siri Lindley is a co-founder of Horses In Our Hands, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the slaughter of America’s…

Aric Sleeper: ‘Public Trust’—A key legal tool to preserve our natural resources

Law professor Mary Wood breaks down how people can protect their right to clean air, water, and land as well as fortify their climate change resiliency. By Aric Sleeper Author Bio: Aric Sleeper is an independent journalist whose work, which…

An entire decade of benefits denial for vets after toxic chemical exposure?

By Jonathan Sharp Author Bio: Jonathan Sharp is the chief financial officer at Environmental Litigation Group, PC. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, the law firm specializes in toxic exposure cases for veterans and their families. Source: Independent Media Institute Credit Line:…

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The Editor Speaks: It’s the season of graduations

This Editorial is aimed mainly at graduates but I have tried to add some other ingredients to appeal to the masses of our iNews readers. It is the beginning of Summer and school is out. For some pupils it is…

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Amendments to Notary Public Law Gazetted

THE NOTARIES PUBLIC (AMENDMENT) LAW, 2013 (LAW 26 OF 2013) Supplement No. 2 published with Extraordinary Gazette No. 3 dated 15th January, 2014. THE NOTARIES PUBLIC (AMENDMENT) LAW, 2013 1.        Short title ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS 2.         Amendment of section 2…