February 21, 2024

Seychelles’ offshore system to remain confidential

By Pedro Goncalves From International Investment Directors and owners of offshore companies registered in Seychelles will remain confidential following the approval of the National Assembly. Seychelles President Danny Faure has signed an amendment to the International Business Act 2016, maintaining the confidentiality of offshore companies registered in the jurisdiction. “The approval was urgent because from December 1 the […]

American ‘killed in India by endangered Andamans tribe’

From BBC An American man has been killed by an endangered tribe in India’s Andaman and Nicobar islands. Fishermen who took the man to North Sentinel island say tribespeople shot him with arrows and left his body on the beach. He has been identified as John Allen Chau, a 27 year old from Alabama. Contact […]

The hunting of whales, dolphins and porpoises illegally for bait found to be more widespread than first thought

A report by Sandra Altherr and Nicola Hodgins Edited by Sue Fisher, Kate O’Connell, D.J. Schubert, and Dave Tilford SMALL CETACEANS, BIG PROBLEMS A global review of the impacts of hunting on small whales, dolphins and porpoises SUMMARY The hunting of small cetaceans (i.e., all toothed whales, except the sperm whale) for food or fishing […]

Coral reefs ‘will be overwhelmed by rising oceans’

By Robin McKie From Guardian UK Study finds fragile marine ecosystems cannot grow fast enough to keep pace with sea levels Scientists have uncovered a new threat to the world’s endangered coral reefs. They have found that most are incapable of growing quickly enough to compensate for rising sea levels triggered by global warming. The […]

France signs deals worth $16 billion in India; to deepen defence, security ties

Reuters From Yahoo News PARIS/NEW DELHI (Reuters) – French and Indian companies signed contracts worth 13 billion euros ($16 billion) on the first day of President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to India on Saturday, the French presidency said in a statement. The deals include a contract for France’s Safran to supply airline Spice Jet with engines, […]

India is shopping for submarines as China extends its reach into the Indian Ocean

By Christopher Woody From Business Insider India has contacted six foreign shipyards with a formal request for information about building six nonnuclear submarines. The request comes as part of Project 75I, a program worth over $12 billion, according to Defense News. New Delhi asked shipyards in Russia, France, Japan, and Germany, among others, for information […]

Scientists may have discovered a lost continent

By Jon Fingas From engadget As much as we humans think we know about Earth’s ancient composition, it’s clear we have a lot to learn. Researchers now say they have evidence of a lost continent, Mauritia. The team found rocks on Mauritius with embedded zircon crystals that were almost 2 billion years old, or far […]

Officials hint MH370 crash site could be just north of search area

From Wn.com News Investigators announced their findings on Monday that the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 said it’s unlikely the plane would be found in the expanse of the Indian Ocean that crews have been focusing on for two years. Instead it’s likely the crash occurred in an area further north which indicates the search […]

The View from Europe: Climate change – a test of the region’s staying power

By David Jessop From Caribbean News Now After a period of uncertainty, it has been confirmed that the Paris Agreement on Climate Change will enter into force on November 4. This is good news for the Caribbean, one of the most at risk parts of the world from sea level change and severe climatic events. […]

How were they so wrong about MH370?

By Jeff Wise, Popular Mechanics From Yahoo News It wasn’t supposed to end like to this. Earlier today, ministers from the three nations responsible for finding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370-Australia, China, and Malaysia-announced that they would stop looking for the lost jet once the current 46,000-square-mile search zone is completed this fall. The decision was […]