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Officials hint MH370 crash site could be just north of search area

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Investigators announced their findings on Monday that the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 said it’s unlikely the plane would be found in the expanse of the Indian Ocean that crews have been focusing on for two years.

Instead it’s likely the crash occurred in an area further north which indicates the search for the Boeing 777 could continue into next month with deep sea sonar use being continued off the coast of Australia.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau released the report after international and Australia experts re-examined all the data available to focus on the search for the disappeared aircraft that was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014 with 239 passengers.

Since the disappearance, experts have looked at the exchanges between the aircraft and a satellite to guess a crash site along what’s called the seventh arc – a vast area of ocean coverage that runs along the southern hemisphere.

This past November, experts went back over the satellite data using new ocean drift analysis of the 20 items of debris found to have come from the plane which suggested the newfound area just north of the arc., Maureen Foody


Photo: Creative Commons / Chris Beerens

Photo: US Navy / CMCS Keith DeVinney

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