September 18, 2021

Cayman Islands Marine Institute president says coral reef protection is not enough

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Coral Reef Scientists Make Waves at London Symposium Little Cayman, Cayman Islands; 29 June 2016 ‘Rethinking the Future of Coral Reefs’ was the theme of a symposium at St. James’s Palace to discuss solutions to serious losses on coral reefs over the last 40 years. Dr. Carrie Manfrino, President of the Central Caribbean Marine Institute […]

How to recover from Chikungunya

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FromwikiHow Chikungunya is a virus, transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected mosquito. The number one transmission agent for the disease is the yellow fever mosquito, an insect living in tropical areas like South America or Africa. There is no medication on the market to fight this virus — instead, you address the […]

US : Florida reports three imported Chikungunya cases

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From Canada Journal The Florida Department of Health has issued a warning regarding chikungunya fever, a viral mosquito-borne disease that has made its way to the Caribbean from Africa, Asia and islands in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific. The Department has confirmed three Florida cases of the fever from people who have recently traveled […]