February 21, 2024

The Greta Thunberg engagement phenomenon; what must newsrooms learn?

By Giles Crosse From Reuters Community Engage, defy, activate; how Greta Thunberg is dominating the climate conversation. Astonishing, yet true; a shy Swedish teenager has over 2.75 million Twitter followers, and pushed out nearly six thousand tweets since June 2018. By comparison, The New York Times pulls in 40 million followers, Trump 65 million, and The Independent […]


How top US health systems are reacting to the disruptive force of AI by revolutionizing diagnostic imaging, clinical decision support, and personalized medicine By Nicky Lineaweaver From Business Insider This is a preview of the AI in Medical Diagnosis research report from Business Insider Intelligence. Purchase this report. Business Insider Intelligence offers even more healthcare coverage with […]

How the customer interview illuminates innovation

By Christie Nicholson From Core77 Few companies set up their customer conversations in ways that lead to accurate and useful data. The key is to ask better questions. Often our most painful experiences lead to our best lessons. Here’s a story of an awkward moment that inspired one of the most widely used practices in […]

Whiteboard video and its advantages for your business

What Is Whiteboard Video? Whiteboard video is a video presentation or a story drawn with a pencil, which briefly and simply talks about business or products by changing the painted scenes with the voice of the announcer and music. It is a fascinating description of the merits of the company within exciting story, which keeps […]

IBM’s machine argues, pretty convincingly, with humans

By Dave Lee From BBC On a stage in San Francisco, IBM’s Project Debater spoke, listened and rebutted a human’s arguments in what was described as a groundbreaking display of artificial intelligence. The machine drew from a library of “hundreds of millions” of documents – mostly newspaper articles and academic journals – to form its […]

‘Zombie bots’ are coming for lonely singles on Valentine’s Day

By Richard Morgan From New York Post America’s lonely hearts are more likely than ever to catch a virus this Valentine’s Day — on their computer. An especially aggressive robot network of 6 million “zombie bots” will be set loose this week ahead of the Feb. 14 celebration — each one with an attractive come-on […]

China wants to make the tech behind its supercomputers, drones, and rocket simulators harder to steal

By Rosie Perper From Business Insider China’s military has spoken out in protection of the country’s military and technological innovations by suggesting the country tighten its control over its intellectual property.  The military suggested that China needed to create intellectual property rights barriers over its technological developments, like supercomputers, drones, dredgers, and rocket launch simulation […]

The quantum computing apocalypse is imminent

By Shlomi Dolev From TechCrunch In the ancient world, they used cubits as an important data unit, but the new data unit of the future is the qubit — the quantum bits that will change the face of computing. Quantum bits are the basic units of information in quantum computing, a new type of computer […]

IBM’s cloud business helped it top Wall Street revenue targets

By Becky Peterson From Business Insider IBM benefitted from new and old businesses in the third quarter, as its cloud computing offerings as well as sales of its heavy-duty mainframe systems helped the company beat Wall Street revenue targets. Shares of IBM were up nearly 5% in after hours trading on Tuesday, following the earnings release. IBM’s overall […]

IBM to present at Caribbean State of the Tourism Industry Conference

From eTurboNews The American multinational technology company IBM will present at the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)’s State of the Tourism Industry Conference (SOTIC) which opens in Grenada next week. IBM’s global industry leader responsible for hospitality and travel related services, Greg Land, will be part of a panel which explores ways in which the Caribbean […]