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Whiteboard video and its advantages for your business

What Is Whiteboard Video?

Whiteboard video is a video presentation or a story drawn with a pencil, which briefly and simply talks about business or products by changing the painted scenes with the voice of the announcer and music. It is a fascinating description of the merits of the company within exciting story, which keeps the viewer’s attention throughout the entire viewing process.

Whiteboard animation explainer video is a special kind of information that captures both the adult and the child to the monitor. This type of video clip uses a plain drawing by hand with a simple pencil to create an amusing and attractive image.

There is a designer’s hand on the whiteboard explainer video, which draws characters, objects surrounding them, their thoughts, depicts their way of life with help of emotion and action. All illustrations are made in front of the audience. This is not a presentation of the finished images, but a demonstration of the process of creating them.

Cases When Using Whiteboard Explainer Video Is the Most Effective

Custom whiteboard animation is a kind of advertising of the company, its services and products. It can be used for the most original and interesting way of advertising of business and products on sites, YouTube channel, conferences, exhibitions, presentations.

When traditional methods of advertising may seem too boring, whiteboard video creator can offer different types of attractive and interesting videos using the imagination and skill of designers. Video clips that can cause interest and delight capturing and dynamically telling about something – this is a real catch for many niches:

  • selling of complex product
  • presentation of a mobile application and software
  • training and consulting
  • for heads of web-portals, experts in advertising and PR
  • increasing sales of online stores, advertising a brand or website
  • for teachers, TV personalities, entertainment specialists
  • SaaS projects

How to Create Interesting Whiteboard Video

You can learn how to create whiteboard videos by yourself, but you need to spend hundreds of hours studying marketing, animation tutorial, programming and other topics for this. Do not forget that you will waste not only much time, but also much money. You will need to purchase expensive special software or animation app. Therefore, it is better to entrust it to professionals.

Now there are quite a lot of offers of whiteboard video services on the market. However, ordering such video at will bring you a number of significant advantages and benefits for your business:

Their whiteboard videos are interesting to watch

Qualitative original graphics will not leave anyone indifferent, especially in conjunction with a thoughtful plot. You will definitely be able to attract public attention. Just watch the examples of videos on the site and see it for yourself. created more than 2500 excellent videos for such giants as Nokia, IBM, Shopify and others.

Perfect perception by the viewer

A short video format and simple drawing images bring all the necessary information to the viewer, at the same time leaving only a positive impression. The company’s talented designers will hypnotize the viewer to some extent, not allowing him to get bored while watching the presentation.

Low cost of creation and short lead times

The cost of whiteboard videos on the site starts from $197 for 30 seconds, and this investment will undoubtedly justify itself for business. Also, the company offers discounts when ordering videos for 60 and 90 seconds and 10% discount when ordering 3 videos at once. All orders are processed within 7-10 days.

At you can find quality products, while the company is offering a refund of costs in case of dissatisfaction with the result, a 100% guarantee of the uniqueness of the video, increasing customer focus by 65%.



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