December 2, 2023

Relocating your business to the Cayman Islands

If you were thinking about relocating your business to the Cayman Islands, we completely support your idea. There are many perks of running a business there, and we are here to tell you all about it. Even if Cayman is not your only option, we are sure it is the best one.  Cayman is a […]

St Patrick’s Day parades

St Patrick’s Day: around the world in 10 parades From The Irish Times From Montserrat to Moscow, Ireland’s national day celebrated far and wide PARIS March 17th, 1pm The first official St Patrick’s Day parade in the French capital will leave from the Irish Cultural Centre and will follow a route through the Latin Quarter […]

iRobot’s robotic lawnmower

iRobot’s robotic lawnmower was 10 years in the making By Brian Heater From TechCrunch Meet Terra, the latest product line from iRobot destined to be forever known as the “Roomba for lawns.” There are worse names, of course. After all, with the Roomba line, iRobot was able do what countless startups have tried and failed […]

North Wales police officers riding in support of the Caribbean

From Nantlle Gazette Officers from North Wales Police this bank holiday will be joining other police forces across the UK by cycling from force HQ to force HQ as part of a charity ride in support the recovery of the commonwealth Family in the Caribbean. This Saturday  a team from North Wales Police will receive a […]

Broadcom gives up on Qualcomm buyout after Trump veto

By Daniel Cooper, From engadget The company says that it is disappointed with the outcome. The will-they/won’t-they flirtation between two of the world’s largest mobile chip companies has come to an abrupt end. Broadcom has announced that it will no longer attempt to buy its US-based rival, Qualcomm. In a statement, Broadcom said that it […]

Belgian company offers to make its employees cyborgs with microchip implants

BY BRETT WILLIAMS From Mashable In the latest move toward a brave new world, a European company has offered its employees a chance at becoming cyborgs. NewFusion, a Belgian digital marketing and tech firm, recently took steps to make biohacking a company-wide initiative, Sputnik reports. Instead of old-school ID badges, NewFusion’s workers can opt for […]

Cayman Islands Cadet Corps’ HQ officially opens for business

The official opening of the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps’ forever home took place at its new headquarters on Middle Road, George Town on Thursday, 6 April 2017. Sited near the CTMH Doctors Hospital, the facility was funded by the Ministry for Community Affairs, Youth and Sports, following extensive renovation work that was project managed by […]

Irish government HQ bombarded with apples protesting Apple tax break

BY TIM CHESTER From Mashable The offices of Ireland’s ruling government party, Fine Gael, were littered with apples Wednesday, as members of Sinn Fein’s youth wing staged a vibrant protest against Apple’s recent tax furor. Red and green apples of various varieties covered the railings and steps outside the party’s Dublin headquarters following the EU […]

Amazon’s giant glass domes

Amazon is building three giant glass domes filled with endangered species at its new HQ Eugene Kim Amazon is building a new office in downtown Seattle. But it also wants to make sure its employees get to enjoy some green while at work. The solution: three giant glass domes filled with trees. According to a […]

The Editor Speaks: What we are told is not always 100% the truth

The stunning news yesterday of the terrible things the CIA carried out under the George W. Bush administration, called then the “Enhanced Interrogation” programme and now finally called “torture”, is another example of what we are first told is not always 100% the truth. All governments practice it, all large private corporations practice it, and […]