February 21, 2024

Caribbean to experience drier than usual wet season

From Jamaica Observer BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) — Caribbean countries have been warned that the rainfall over the next three months may be “drier than usual” in some islands resulting in a progressively increase in wild fires. The Barbados-based Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum (CariCOF) in its latest Caribbean Climate Outlooks released here Monday, said with weak […]

The People’s Parrot inspires first community-sponsored Genome Project

By GrrlScientist From Forbes Conservation genomics is a new discipline that is beginning to provide important information to scientists that could help us save endangered species and protect the global environment The critically endangered Puerto Rican Amazon parrot, Amazona vittata, known locally as the iguaca, is the only extant parrot endemic to the United States. Its […]

Disruptive weather to hinder cleanup efforts across Caribbean this week

By Faith Eherts From AccuWeather An unsettled weather pattern will continue to plague the Caribbean for several days, threatening hurricane-ravaged areas with flooding rainfall and gusty winds. “A broad area of low pressure will continue to produce heavy showers and thunderstorms across much of the western portion of the Caribbean over the next few days,” […]

Caribbean praying mantises have ancient African origin

From EurekAlert Cleveland Museum of Natural History researchers uncover the lineage of three praying mantis groups CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY Three seemingly unrelated praying mantis groups inhabiting Cuba and the rest of the Greater Antilles actually share an ancient African ancestor and possibly form the oldest endemic animal lineage on the Caribbean islands, Cleveland […]

Uptick in Atlantic tropical systems may continue as new features bear watching

By Alex Sosnowski, AccuWeather senior meteorologist From Accuweather In the wake of Gert, a large batch of thunderstorms over the central Atlantic Ocean has the potential to spawn a tropical depression and storm this week. Gert will turn away from North America but has become the second hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic season. Thousands of […]

Caribbean bat species need 8 million years to recover from recent extinction waves

From SAT Press Releases: Bats include the fishing bat, vampire bats and many fig-eating species How long does it take a community of mammals to recover after a wave of species loss? Bats in the Caribbean Islands may hold new answers, biologists report in a paper published this week in the journal Nature Ecology & […]

10 interesting facts about the Caribbean Islands you may not know

By Barbara-Shae Jackson from Atlantic Black Star It is no secret that the Caribbean is home to some of the most beautiful places on earth, with white sands, clear waters, friendly natives and unique indigenous species. But here are ten facts that you may not have known about the sunny islands. Geologists believe that the […]