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Disruptive weather to hinder cleanup efforts across Caribbean this week

By Faith Eherts From AccuWeather

An unsettled weather pattern will continue to plague the Caribbean for several days, threatening hurricane-ravaged areas with flooding rainfall and gusty winds.

“A broad area of low pressure will continue to produce heavy showers and thunderstorms across much of the western portion of the Caribbean over the next few days,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rossio said.

Those in Belize, Honduras or on the far eastern shores of the Yucatan Peninsula will need to be wary of flash flooding and mudslides as rounds of heavy storms batter the region through the first half of the week.

This system will continue to impact coastal Central America and much of the Caribbean into Wednesday.

Residents, tourists and aid workers in Jamaica, Cuba, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico will need to contend with the disruptive weather while hurricane cleanup efforts continue.

“Tropical moisture will surge northward into the Greater Antilles, producing localized flash flooding,” Rossio said.

Saturated soil and decreased foliage will combine to heighten the flash flood threat, particularly in mountainous areas.

Rainfall from thunderstorms is often very localized, but areas that have multiple storms could receive as much as 5 inches (13 cm) or more of rainfall by the middle of the week.

Motorists should take care not to traverse flooded roadways. Secondary roads in particular are susceptible to being washed out even when the water seems shallow.

Strong winds in any storms could turn loose construction materials into projectiles, inciting further property damage.

While any storms will be capable of producing localized damage, a tropical depression or storm is not expected to rapidly unfold.

“Despite this area of low pressure being over conducive sea-surface temperatures, development is unlikely,” Rossio said.

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