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Governor Choudhury

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The Editor speaks: Is ‘silence’ safer?

Before I go into trying to answer that question I have to refer you to an excellent ‘Viewpoint” from retired Cayman Islands senior civil servant, Gilbert Connolly. The article is published on the CNS website under the title of “Governor…

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The Editor Speaks: Petitions

We now have two rival petitions circulating in our country both concerning our governor. We published the former “Bring Back Choudhury‘ petition” that I supported but now we have a second one we have published today advocating our very own…

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The Editor Speaks: Disbelief!

Ever since my twenty-five years plus in the media world here I have shown plenty of disbelief. And plenty of my disbelief prompted me not to run with the story. However, at least fifty per cent of the time my…

Governor in West Bay

New Cayman Islands Governor meets West Bay Caymanians Governor goes on a whirlwind tour of West District to visit Caymanian homes. Mr. Choudhury shares food, good conversation and memories at 10 stops. He hears about concerns and issues from residents….

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Cayman Islands Governor compares HSA to UK’s best hospitals

The Health Services Authority (HSA) is comparable to some of the best hospitals in the United Kingdom was His Excellency Governor Anwar Choudhury’s verdict after completing a tour of the Cayman Islands Hospital on Friday, 6 April 2018. “I just…

Cayman Governor tours ORIA/JMU

Cayman Islands Governor tours ORIA, Joint Marine Unit · Governor Choudhury tours Owen Roberts International Airport and Joint Marine Unit. · He discusses security, logistics for airport users and business opportunities. · Governor also interacts with some visitors. Grand Cayman…

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Cayman Islands Chamber Council meets with Governor Choudhury for the first time

Chamber President, Paul Byles and members of the Council met with His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Anwar Choudhury for the first time last month. The meeting was a joint meeting with members of Cayman Finance, the Chamber and the Governor….

The Editor Speaks: What did Easter mean for you?

Did you celebrate Easter by going to church? I hope you did. If you didn’t, what did you do? Easter is supposedly a celebration of Christ’s Resurrection. Therefore, being in a Christian country, shouldn’t appearing in a Christian church over…

The Editor Speaks: Cayman Islands new Governor

His Excellency Governor Anwar Choudhury arrived here in the Cayman Islands on Monday 26th March. Accompanying him was his wife and family that included a very young baby. Governor Choudhury is the Cayman Islands very first Muslim Governor that stirred…