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The Editor Speaks: Disbelief!

Ever since my twenty-five years plus in the media world here I have shown plenty of disbelief. And plenty of my disbelief prompted me not to run with the story.

However, at least fifty per cent of the time my disbelief turned into belief as the stories I had heard proved to be correct.

Last week I received ‘tip-offs’ that the reason for our Governor, Anwar Choudhury’s, “temporary withdrawal” from the Cayman Islands was due to complaints made against him by his staff members at Government House.

I actually thought it was ‘hogwash’, not that I didn’t believe all the rumblings of discontent because a new broom sweeps in a different manner to the old one. I thought it would have been a matter that could have been solved internally – here – and not for a recall to the United Kingdom.

A recall that made the International press especially with a time limit on the official enquiry estimated at four to six weeks.

To make the matter even worse is the usual silence on the matter from the UK officials.

The only revelation from the Mail on Sunday story we ran last Sunday morning that I hadn’t heard was the accusation of “misbehavior towards his wife, Momina, 16 years his junior.”

Since then I have heard of the Governor engaging in inappropriate conduct with members of the Governor’s Office staff and other family members!

I had heard the staff were upset at the functions being held at Government House that went on much longer than normal and the Governor refusing to pay them for the additional hours.

He had even told them they were ‘lazy’.

All of this is contrary to the impression Governor Choudhury has made on me every time I have met him. He has been a precious breath of fresh air. This impression has been echoed by others, including our MLA’s.

I knew he was going to have a very hard time when he arrived because of his religious faith, Muslim.

There were even petitions floating around here to try and prevent his appointment.

There are also some, who despite his friendliness and non-formal ‘stiff’ approach, still wanted him to go.

I am still in disbelief and had hoped the U.K. Foreign Office would quickly dispel the ‘Mail on Sunday’ story.

They have, of course, just been silent.



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