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Craft brewery inspired by island life launches in Grand Cayman

George Town, Grand Cayman: This summer 19-81 Brewing Co. (“19-81”), a new craft brewery in the Cayman Islands, unveils its coat of arms, and three signature handcrafted beers, to the islands.

Named after the nautical coordinates of the Cayman Islands, 19-81 is located on Dorcy Drive in the Industrial Park and embodies the Cayman lifestyle in its three signature brews: Island Session; Cayman Blonde; and Tropical IPA. The brewery brings a new, innovative beer offering to the islands in hopes of creating a craft beer culture that locals and residents alike can enjoy.

“With the diversity of the Cayman Islands in mind, 19-81’s brews bring a range of interesting flavours to the table that appeal to our broad range of drinking palates – from easy-drinking beers to more complex craft characteristics,” says 19-81 brewer Jordan MacNevin. “Additionally, we’re excited to be working on several limited-edition beers in collaboration with local farmers that will launch over the next year.”

19-81’s intricate logo takes inspiration from the Cayman Islands’ Coat of Arms, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, and the islands’ seafaring history, through iconography like a hand drawn Cayman Catboat, maritime signal flags and rope detailing. Standing for more than the country’s coordinates on the world map, the brewery believes that 19-81 represents a way of life that can only be experienced here in the Cayman Islands.

19-81 beers are available on tap at several local bars and restaurants, including: Bar Crudo, Craft Food & Beverage Co.; The King’s Head; The Lodge; Macabuca; Saltwater Grill; and The Waterfront Urban Diner. “Our signature brews are made with the best hops and malt available, and brewed using techniques that are geared towards taste rather than turnaround to produce the best quality craft beers,” adds MacNevin.

MacNevin joined the brewery from New Brunswick, Canada in December 2017, after completing a graduate degree in Brewing Science from Bishop’s University. He brings with him extensive experience in start-up breweries, having assisted with the set-up and management of the university’s on-campus Bishop’s Arches Brewery. MacNevin further perfected his craft through work with Foghorn Brewing Company, a New Brunswick-based brewery spearheading the province’s growing craft beer community.

The brewery’s Island Session (ABV 4.0% IBU 10) is a Kolsch-style ale made with El Dorado hops that give a unique aroma to complement a strong yeast character. The Cayman Blonde (5.0% ABV 10 IBU) is a smooth and well-rounded beer, with a subtle balance of honey, caramel malts and citrus hop aromas. Finally, the Tropical IPA (ABV 6.0% IBU 50) brings an island twist to a US-East Coast India pale ale, with pineapple, mango and grapefruit aromas balancing the cool bitterness of a traditional pale ale.

With a dedicated tap room opening at the brewery in late July 2018, the public will soon be able to sample brews straight from the source, tour the facility or simply hangout in the rustic bar space. Until then, 19-81 can be found on tap at a growing number of local establishments. For the most current list of local stockists, visit

For more information or to arrange a brewery media tour, contact Harriet Moon at [email protected]. To learn more about 19-81, visit and follow 19-81 Brewing Co. on Facebook and Instagram.

About 19-81 Brewing Co.
Named after the coordinates of the Cayman Islands, 19-81 Brewing Co. (“19-81”) has deep ties to the maritime heritage of its Caribbean location, and is devoted to creating premium quality craft beer for island living. Its signature handcrafted brews, Island Session, Cayman Blonde and Tropical IPA, are made by brewer Jordan MacNevin using brewing techniques that are geared towards taste rather than turnaround time to produce the highest quality craft beers. 19-81’s dedicated tap room will open at its Dorcy Drive, Industrial Park location in July 2018. Until then, visit for a full list of local stockists.


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