March 20, 2023

Governor in West Bay

New Cayman Islands Governor meets West Bay Caymanians

Governor goes on a whirlwind tour of West District to visit Caymanian homes.

Mr. Choudhury shares food, good conversation and memories at 10 stops.

He hears about concerns and issues from residents.

Grand Cayman (GIS) – His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Anwar Choudhury, spent some quality time with Caymanians on a West Bay district tour, as part of his ongoing quest “to see, talk with people and learn about the real Cayman”.

On the tour, the Governor said there would be changes to the Christmas party at Government House starting this year, making the event more people oriented. He plans to invite each MLA to bring a set number of Caymanians from their district to attend, he said. “Government House is the people’s house,” he emphasised during the tour on Friday, 20 April 2018.

The Governor was accompanied by Deputy Governor, Hon. Franz Manderson on the tour which was conducted by the Speaker, Hon. McKeeva Bush, Minister, Hon. Tara Rivers, Councillor, Capt. Eugene Ebanks and Deputy Speaker, Mr. Bernie Bush.

Mr. Choudhury greeted and chatted with the district residents of all ages who opened their homes to him. They warmly shared beverages, including swanky, fruit punch and tea, as well as notable Caymanian staples such as cassava cake, home baked bread and corned beef sandwiches.
His hosts also gave him small gifts from their home kitchens and gardens, demonstrating first-hand the innate Caymanian hospitality.

Most of all, he learnt a little bit more about the Cayman Islands and its people – their catboats, the history of turtling, and enjoyed interacting with senior citizens. In particular, he lauded the tight bonds of family in the Cayman Islands, a feature that has sadly, vanished in many other places.

After sampling delectable West Bay seafood during a quick lunch at Heritage Kitchen on Boggy Sands Road, the first stop was the yard of long time mariner, Capt. Kem Jackson accompanied by his wife Mrs. Ola Jackson, their daughters Ms Priscilla Jensen and Ms Patricia Rutkowski and son, Capt. Joey Jackson. He also met Minister Rivers’ mother Mrs. Ludivene Dilbert and veteran and former Radio Cayman director, Mr. Loxley Banks.

Following, at the home of Pastor Dave Kelly of Kelly’s Tours, the Governor also met Mr. Kelly’s mother Mrs. Tweetsie Kelly, his wife Mrs. Cloret Kelly and their extended family. Mr. Choudhury also got to sample more cassava cake.

Then he visited the home of 99-year-old Ms Ethel Ebanks (who turned 100 the next day). Here the Governor sat down Ms Ethel to chat, when they swapped memories and stories from their lives.

After that, it was a stop at the home of Mrs. Francine Jackson, who with her late husband and former senior civil servant, Mr. Vernon, is well-known for pioneering work in the weddings business. Here the Governor also had tea, sandwiches and cake, with Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Leonard Dilbert, revered pastor, Bro. John Jefferson and his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Reina Jefferson, the Premier’s mother-in-law, Mrs. Marie Groves and Mr. Rivington Powery.

The following visit was to the home of Mrs. Huldah Ebanks, who will be 101 in May, where he also met her sports coach son, Mr. Roy Ebanks, her sister Ms Marlena Anglin, as well as prominent West Bay citizens Mrs. Millie and Mr. Billy Banker, Hell attraction owner Mr. Ivan Farrington, Mr. Vernell Ebanks and Ms Sarah Orrett Ebanks.

At his next stop, Governor Choudhury met long time West Bay Central resident, Mrs. Edith Ebanks, who over the years has played host to countless West Bay soccer players from across the Ed Bush field.
He also met her daughters Ms Patty Neesome, Ms Roselle Jackson, Ms Rhonda Conolly and Ms Debra Ebanks, sons Mr. Charlie Ebanks and Mr. Lennie Ebanks and granddaughter Ms Melanie Jackson.
This was followed by a visit to watersports operator Capt. Dallas Ebanks’ home where he also met his wife, Mrs. Lonie Ebanks, Ms Aldine Anglin, Ms Barbara Green, Mr. Henry Morgan and extended family members and shared how he has already seen ‘Caymankind’ in operation.

After that, it was a call at the home of Mr. Owen Farrington where he sat down for a chat with his builder son Mr. Derek Farrington, Ms Alice Jackson, Ms Clover Martinez and Mr. Wenslow Burlington. Here the Governor highlighted advances in the solar power industry and technology which he believed would be a good fit for the Cayman Islands, if not the entire Caribbean. He received some home grown naseberries as a gift.

Next, it was off to farm country in West Bay North, to the maternal home of former Customs Collector,
Mr. Carlon Powery and his civil servant wife Ms Judy. There he also met and discussed issues with extended family members including brother and retired Deputy Collector of Customs, Mr. Collie Powery and former policeman Mr. Cresswell Powery, neighbours and friends.

On his final stop, Governor Choudhury met Pastor Garrett Haylock of the Church of God at West Bay, his wife Shauna and son Joseph. After enjoying a delightful and brisk musical number on the piano by Mrs. Haylock, the Governor sat down to converse with the company when he reiterated that “Cayman is a joyous place to be” and that he is “a lucky guy” to be here.

Topics discussed and issues raised with young, middle-aged and older Caymanians during the entire tour included crime, the need to get citizens’ security under control, his real concern for native Caymanians, food prices, the Cayman Islands history and education, the valid and urgent need for a dedicated technical school, religion and how impressed he was from the outset by the genuine warmth of the people.

After that, it was a quick halt for the Governor at Government House to pick up his wife Momina, dressed in a striking paprika red saree. The couple attended a reception with West Bay people at the Cayman Turtle Centre.

They received gifts including a traditional thatch rope bag, saw how thatch rope is made and even participated in a demonstration by Ms Marlena Anglin. Mingling with community members, they also enjoyed music, some dancing and refreshments.


Photo captions: Photos of West Bay home visits by Bina Mani, GIS; Cayman Turtle Centre by Catherine McGillivray, GIS:
1. Sharing a happy moment following lunch at Heritage Kitchen, Boggy Sands Road, from left: Speaker Hon. McKeeva Bush, owners Mrs. Rosa and Mr. Reynaldo Garcia, His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Anwar Choudhury, Minister Hon. Tara Rivers and Deputy Governor, Hon. Franz Manderson.
2. At the home of Capt. Kem Jackson, (l-r): Mrs. Ludivene Dilbert, Speaker Hon. McKeeva Bush, Mr. Loxley Banks, Minister Hon. Tara Rivers, His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Anwar Choudhury, Capt. Jackson, Mrs. Ola Jackson, Mr. Joey Jackson, Ms Patricia Rutkowski, Ms Priscilla Jensen and Deputy Governor, Hon. Franz Manderson.
3. At the home of Pastor Dave Kelly, l-r: Hon. McKeeva Bush, Pastor Kelly, Mrs. Tweetsie Kelly, Governor Choudhury and Hon. Tara Rivers.
4. Governor Choudhury visits Ms Ethel Ebanks – seen l-r are Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, Minister Tara Rivers, Governor Choudhury and Ms Ethel – who at that time was a day shy of 100 years.
5. Governor Choudhury, with family and friends of Mrs. Francine Jackson: l-r Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, Mrs. Marie Groves, Minister Tara Rivers, Mr. Rivington Powery, Mrs. Francine Jackson, Speaker McKeeva Bush, Mrs. Jennifer Dilbert, Mr. Leonard Dilbert (kneeling), the Governor, Pastor John Jefferson and Mrs. Reina Jefferson.
6. Governor Choudhury spent some quality time with centenarian Mrs. Huldah Ebanks. Seen l-r are Mrs. Marlena Anglin, Mr. Roy Ebanks, the Governor, Mrs. Huldah Ebanks, Mr. Vernell Ebanks, Speaker McKeeva Bush, Minister Tara Rivers, Councillor Capt. Eugene Ebanks and Mr. Ivan Farrington.
7. Governor Choudhury is seated with Mrs. Edith Ebanks, in the company of (standing l-r) Mr. Charlie Ebanks, Mr. Lennie Ebanks, Ms Roselle Jackson, Ms Melanie Jackson, Ms Rhonda Conolly, Ms Patty Neesome and Ms Debra Ebanks.
8. Governor visits home of watersports operator Capt. Dallas Ebanks (first row, left) and his wife Mrs.Lonie Ebanks (first row, fourth from left) and met a few of their family and friends.
9. Seated l-r: Mr. Ivan Farrington, the Governor, Ms Alice Jackson and Ms Clover Martinez; standing l-r: Deputy Governor Manderson, Mr. Derek Farrington, Minister Rivers, Capt. Ebanks and Mr. Wenslow Burlington
10. Governor discusses a point with MLA Bernie Bush.
11. Chatting with Caymanians at the home of Mr. Carlon Powery (third from left).
12. At the residence of Pastor Garrett Haylock of the Church of God at West Bay, his wife Shauna and son Joseph: from left: Capt. Eugene Ebanks, Speaker McKeeva Bush, Mrs. Shauna Haylock, MLA Bernie Bush, the Governor, Minister Tara Rivers, Pastor Garrett Haylock, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and Joseph Haylock.

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