December 2, 2023

Yemen’s Socotra Archipelago: The UAE’s Occupation and Destruction of a World Heritage Site

BYLINE: Mouna Hashem and Martha Mundy AUTHOR BIO: Mouna Hashem, PhD, is an international development consultant with extensive experience evaluating development programs and policies at UN agencies (the United Nations Development Program, UNICEF, the International Labor Organization) and other organizations, including the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the World Bank, among others. She is also […]

Palm oil in common household products is destroying the World’s ‘Orangutan Capital’

By Laurel Sutherlin Author Bio: Laurel Sutherlin is the senior communications strategist for Rainforest Action Network and a contributor to the Observatory. He is a lifelong environmental and human rights campaigner, naturalist, and outdoor educator with a passion for birds and wild places. Follow him on Twitter: @laurelsutherlin. Source: Independent Media Institute Credit Line: This […]

Our food system is the bullseye for solving the world’s climate challenges

By Reynard Loki Author Bio: Reynard Loki is a co-founder of the Observatory, where he is the environment and animal rights editor. He is also a writing fellow at the Independent Media Institute, where he serves as the editor and chief correspondent for Earth | Food | Life. He previously served as the environment, food, […]

The New Grand Tour

By Jan Ritch-Frel Author Bio: Jan Ritch-Frel is the executive director of the Independent Media Institute and a co-founder of the Human Bridges project. Source: Independent Media Institute Credit Line: This article was produced by Human Bridges, a project of the Independent Media Institute. All of humanity can now take the Grand Tour: a travel […]

Medicine residue is everywhere in our rivers and lakes—and fish are behaving strangely

By Daniel Ross Author Bio: Daniel Ross is a contributor to the Observatory. His work has appeared in Truthout, the Guardian, FairWarning, Newsweek, YES! Magazine, Salon, AlterNet, Vice and a number of other publications. He is based in Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter: @1danross. Source: Independent Media Institute Credit Line: This article was produced by Earth | Food | Life, […]

How to fix our food system

Earth | Food | Life explores the critical and often interconnected issues facing the climate/environment, food/agriculture and animal/nature rights. E | F | L champions action—how people can help put society on an ethical path of sustainability that respects the rights of all species who call this planet home.

 Is wastewater an answer for adapting to Climate Change?

By Frederick Clayton Author Bio: Frederick Clayton is an investigative journalist with the Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism focusing on environmental themes, specifically water and sanitation issues worldwide. He is a contributor to the Observatory. Credit Line: This article was produced by Earth | Food | Life, a project of the Independent Media Institute in partnership with the Solutions Journalism Network. Population growth […]

Wildfires aren’t just a threat to people—they’re killing off Earth’s biodiversity

Cataclysmic wildfires have increased in intensity and frequency due to climate change.

José Seoane: The Eco collapse we were warned about has begun

By José Seoane Author Bio: This article was produced by Globetrotter. José Seoane is a professor and researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FCSoc) at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), where he is a member of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Group (GEAL) at the Institute of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (IEALC). He […]

Style Update: Explore the top reasons to wear vintage T-shirts and shirts

During the past few years, we have been witnessing the comeback of vintage fashion. It has regained center stage. According to Instagram, we have seen numerous celebrities taking immense pride in exploring the archives and flaunting some iconic vintage outfits. Many Hollywood celebrities were happy to wear vintage gowns while walking the red carpet. Today numerous […]