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Hummingbirds Are in Rapid Decline

By Sy Montgomery Author Bio: Sy Montgomery is a naturalist, documentary scriptwriter, and author of 31 books of nonfiction for adults and children, including The Hummingbirds’ Gift, the National Book Award finalist The Soul of an Octopus, and the New…

Malawi’s Farmers Face a Precarious Future From Climate Change-Related Storms

Malawi’s farmers—mostly women—lost their land, livestock, and livelihoods after a storm. They are struggling to recover in a nation considered one of the world’s most affected by extreme weather events.

The GOP’s Stalinesque Plan 2025 to Shape the Future of U.S. Food and Agriculture” by Elizabeth Henderson

Author Bio: Elizabeth Henderson farmed at Peacework Farm in Wayne County, New York, for more than 30 years. Peacework CSA was one of the first community-supported agriculture farms in the U.S. She is co-chair of the Interstate Council policy committee…

The Humble Carrot’s Colorful History

The carrot has followed armies, colonial explorers, and politicians to become one of the world’s most prized vegetables.

Understanding Zoonotic Diseases: How Humans Get Sick From Nonhuman Animals

By Vicky Bond Author Bio: Vicky Bond is a veterinary surgeon, animal welfare scientist, and the president of The Humane League, a global nonprofit organization working to end the abuse of animals raised for food through institutional and individual change….

Plastic Pollution Is a Crime Against People and the Planet

By Erica Cirino Author Bio: Erica Cirino is a writer, artist, and author who explores the intersection of the human and more-than-human worlds. Her photographic and written works have appeared in Scientific American, the Guardian, VICE, Hakai Magazine, the Atlantic,…